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Making getting paid so easy, you don't have to think twice

Hate awkward conversations with suppliers?  A new document timeline in Sage Business Cloud Accounting makes getting paid so easy, you don’t have to ask twice.

Customer experience is key. And no business likes to chase its customers, or to have awkward conversations that they feel risks their relationship.

In their book ‘The Effortless Experience’, authors Mathew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick Delisi found that a huge 65% of customers perceived effort related to their emotional reactions during and after the encounter and only 35% of perceived effort had to do with exertion.

To help avoid these awkward conversations Sage have improved their Business Cloud Accounting product so when emailing invoices - to minimise confusion and avoid uncomfortable questions.

We’re pleased to announce Accounting, when integrated with Stripe payments, gives you visibility of your sales invoices, sales credit notes, estimates and quotes. Created, sent, viewed or paid – you’ll know where it’s up to and helping you to get paid.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting document timeline

At the same time, we’ve further improved the emailed invoicing to make getting paid easier.

  • Prevention of incorrect email addresses being used and as a result, emails not being received by the intended recipient. Meaning if you type in an incorrect ‘@gmaail’ or ‘@yohoo’ it won’t be sent.
  • We’ve made the emails more visually appealing to increase the engagement with the email and your invoices.
  • Maximising the delivery of your invoices, by ensuring your emails are not blacklisted. And improved visibility within Sage, so we react to any issues even faster.

So, here’s to getting paid and to never asking twice. This part of the growing improvements to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. Find out more about what else is coming  in 2020 and beyond.

The Sage Business Cloud Team

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