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E-Invoicing is here - transform, comply, and thrive.

An E-Invoice is an invoice that has been issued, transmitted, and received digitally for automatic processing. Governments around the world are mandating that the use of E-Invoicing in a structured data format for business activities. Sage Network has you covered.

Simplify and automate time-consuming manual processes

E-Invoicing is offered as part of the highly innovative Sage Network, which you can access from your existing Sage product. It's a simple and secure way to send, receive, and track your E-Invoices - helping you get paid faster and freeing up time for value-added activities, as well as providing real-time insights for quicker decision making.

The benefits of E-Invoicing

Find out how we can help you get time back and streamline your invoicing workflows while complying with government mandates.

Improve time-to-payment

Avoid delays due to lost invoices, queries, and data entry errors so that buyers can pay on time, providing more secure cash flows.

Activate compliance automation

Eliminate manual data entry and potential errors by digitising your invoicing process. You'll also gain easier access to digital records to reduce the time it takes to generate regulatory reports. 

Enhance AP workflow

Reduce costs for accounts payable data processing and shorten query resolution time, whilst getting peace of mind by combating fraud through  invoice data verification in real time. 

Trusted invoicing software

E-Invoicing can keep you compliant, on track, and future ready.

Support of global standards

As governments worldwide shift to global electronic transfer standards, Sage will enable a seamless connection with an international network of businesses.

Tax ID validation and search

Quickly and easily validate tax ID numbers, saving yourself the legwork of manual checks for a smoother, more accurate process.


Get everything in one place. E-Invoicing attachments let you instantly retrieve all the files related to an invoice so you have all the documents you need right at your fingertips.

Process Automation

Reduce cost of sending, receiving, entering and processing invoices by 60-80%, streamlining the processes.

Frequently asked questions

E-Invoicing is the process of creating and providing an electronic invoice (e-invoice) to exchange data between a supplier and a buyer in a structured data format. E-Invoicing is not sending invoice data via email in a PDF. The data in a PDF will still need to be entered manually or processed further before it can be fed into accounting or ERP systems. 
We offer a market-leading E-Invoicing solution to ensure customers can comply with E-Invoicing and digital reporting requirements under the EU VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) proposals. Plus, we address the domestic requirements in individual countries as they come into effect.
We're closely monitoring updates in relation to global legislation in this area. For example, in France, the requirements for e-invoicing is expected from 2026 (the exact timing is TBC), having been delayed from its original timeline of July 2024. We've registered our intent to be a Partner Dematerialisation Platform (PDP) with the French regulator. We are currently investing in product development to deliver the capability as part of our strategy to enable digital transformation for SMBs.

Over 40 countries have already implemented E-Invoicing and digital reporting requirements, and many more have announced mandation plans or strongly encourage businesses to use e-invoicing. The most widely implemented e-invoicing model is the PEPPOL network model, an open network approach, originally developed to support EU government procurement. PEPPOL is already used in 39 countries and is predicted to connect over 1 million businesses within the next few years.

We're planning to support PEPPOL and other open network approaches. We're actively tracking the mandates and plans of many countries outside of the EU. We also work with technology partners who can offer additional network and reporting capabilities “out of the box” for jurisdictions not yet supported by us.

We're committed to supporting the E-Invoicing timelines announced by governments in France, Spain, Germany, and the EU, delivering business-to-business e-invoice capabilities first. This will be swiftly followed by support for digital reporting, digital signing, and other requirements that may be required in specific countries. Sage will publish timelines for the release of E-Invoicing capabilities soon.

Discover our other amazing benefits

Find out more about how the Sage Network app can enhance your accounting software.

Customer Account Portal

Enable your customers to check account status, download invoices, and view account history so you can get paid faster, build stronger customer relationships, and free up time for value-added activities.

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