Sage Bookkeeping eLearning

Sage Bookkeeping eLearning gives you the freedom to learn in your own time. Using a simulated version of Sage accounts software, you'll be up and running quickly and confidently.

What do I learn?

These courses facilitate your understanding of manual bookkeeping so this can be applied to computerised accounts systems. Each stage takes four hours to complete.

Be confident in applying your new bookkeeping skills to your version of Sage 50 Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts.

Stage 1: Basic double-entry
  • Session 1: Basic bookkeeping skills
  • Session 2: Introducing double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 3: The Trial Balance report
  • Session 4: Working with your customers
  • Session 5: Working with your suppliers
  • Session 6: Understanding VAT and the VAT return
  • Session 7: Essential Management Reports
  • Access anytime for 12 weeks
Stage 2: Extend your knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 1: Review the fundamentals
  • Session 2: Working with prepayments and accruals
  • Session 3: Accounting for depreciation
  • Session 4: Accounting for write-offs
  • Session 5: Reconciling your bank account
  • Session 6: Applying performance measures
  • Access anytime for 12 weeks
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