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Sage Bookkeeping E-learning

Sage Bookkeeping E-learning suite gives you the freedom to learn in your own time, at your own pace from home or at work. Using a simulated version of Sage accounts software, you'll be up and running quickly and confidently.


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What do I learn?

These courses facilitate your understanding of manual bookkeeping so this can be applied to computerised accounts systems.

  • Four hour Courses
  • Re-use the course within the 12 week licence period

Be confident in applying your new bookkeeping skills to your version of Sage 50 Accounts or Sage Instant Accounts.

Stage 1: Basic double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 1: Basic bookkeeping skills
  • Session 2: Introducing double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 3: The Trial Balance report
  • Session 4: Working with your customers
  • Session 5: Working with your suppliers
  • Session 6: Understanding VAT and the VAT return
  • Session 7: Essential Management Reports
Level 2: Extend your knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping
  • Session 1: Review the fundamentals
  • Session 2: Working with prepayments and accruals
  • Session 3: Accounting for depreciation
  • Session 4: Accounting for write-offs
  • Session 5: Reconciling your bank account
  • Session 6: Applying performance measures