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Developers Certification for Sage 50 Accounts

Become an accredited Sage 50 Accounts Developer


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What do I learn?

Certification for Sage 50 Accounts Developer is one of two stages to become an accredited Sage 50 Accounts Developer. It includes an hour long online examination made up of exercises and multiple choice questions.

Exam topics include:

Sage Data Objects (SDO) & Business Objects

Using the software development kit (SDK) to connect, read and write to the Sage 50 Accounts database

Application Object

Controlling the Sage 50 Accounts User Interface (U. I.)

In each of the topics, you can expect to be asked to:

  • Write or complete sections of code
  • Describe the effect of code
  • Explain what is wrong or missing
  • Describe how to complete given tasks

By doing this stage and the others to become a Sage 50 Developer you can gain a competitive advantage in the market by demonstrating knowledge and proficiency in sage software development.

Sage 50 Accounts Developer status
  • Certified Sage 50 Accounts Business Partner
  • Certified Sage 50 Accounts Developer
Please note:

You'll need to keep your skills up-to-date in line with the latest software updates and you'll need to update your certification within six months of a new software release in order for it to remain valid.

To sit the exam you'll need to be an active member of the Sage Developers’ Programme at the Mid-Market or Universal Developer level.