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Sage Online Payslips

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  • *Includes a minimum of 25 payslips per month with your Sage 50 Payroll subscription
  • Top up from as little as £3 per month

Why choose Sage Online Payslips?

Sage Online Payslips seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 Payroll software, providing you with an online portal to deliver payslips to your employees.

With Sage Online Payslips you can quickly and easily schedule when your payslips are published and employees will automatically be notified when their payslips are available to view. Employees can then access their payslip information, print and save copies of payslips as and when required saving you admin time as well as printing and postage costs.

What are the benefits?

  • Give employees 24/7 access to their payslip from any device.
  • Print and save as a pdf as required
  • Flexible scheduling so you can future date when your payslips are published
  • Upload historical payslips so your employees have an online record of their pay history
  • View your payslip dashboard showing pending and published payslips
6 Steps to Online Payslips

The 6 steps to help you prepare for and set up your Online Payslips Portal.

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Simplify Payslip Enquiries

With Sage Online Payslips you can easily access and view your employees payslips, helping to make quick work of any enquiries they may have; and with the ability to upload historical payslips* your employees no longer need to contact your payroll team to get copies.

With Online Payslips you can be sure to keep your employees up to date with any key payment information by scheduling messages on the portal. Adding your company logo to the portal gives employees peace of mind that they're accessing the right information.

Simplify Payslip Processes

Sage Online Payslips keeps your payslip processes simple by giving you and your employees secure access to payslip information, anytime, anywhere and all in one place. Save time and effort producing reports by allowing key stakeholders to verify payslip information in the portal, before the payslips are published.

Publish once and let your employees self-serve their current and historical payslips* and manage their login and password resets, reducing the number of enquiries and requests to your payroll team.

*Historical payslips will allow you to upload from any period back to November 2014. Charges apply and published payslips count towards usage allowance.