Sage Security Payslips

Sage Security Payslips are suitable for non-cash payments, helping you pay your employees in a highly confidential manner. A clear and easy to read payslip with the additional benefit of a high-security, tamper-proof envelope

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Sage Security Payslips

Sage Security Payslips have a security pattern on the tamper-proof envelope to ensure all information remains strictly confidential between employer and employee. An easy to interpret, neat green design helps you project a professional image whilst recording important financial information.

Sage Payslips automatically align with Sage Payroll Software so there’s no time wasted when it comes to running a simple and efficient payroll. Sage Security Payslips are also compatible with all dot-matrix printers and also work with non-Sage Software.


  • Company Information
  • Date and Payroll period
  • Employee Details
  • Tax and National Insurance details
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay
Features & Benefits
  • Auto-aligns with Sage Payroll Software
  • Present important information accurately
  • Dimensions 11" x 9.5"
  • Low-carbon footprint from UK sources
  • 100% recyclable
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