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Get the skills you need to run Sage 50cloud Payroll. Our flexible online course means you can log on and work whenever it suits you.

Sage 50cloud Payroll eLearning Bundles

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What do I learn?

Sage eLearning is hosted completely online offering that ultimate flexibility so you can log on and work through the course material whenever and wherever you like.

  • Virtual scenarios take you through each stage
  • Includes interactive quizzes to test your knowledge

This course will provide you with a comprehensive learning tool to fully understand and operate your Sage 50cloud Payroll software. Complete a certification exam to prove your knowledge and gain an official Sage qualification.

Training Bundle:
Stages 1 - 3 (plus Auto Enrolment Education/Preparation)
  • Access anytime for 12 months
  • Stage 1: Setting up your Payroll
  • Stage 2: Processing Payroll
  • Stage 3: Statutory payments, holiday schemes & editing reports
  • Introduction to Automatic Enrolment and Workplace Pensions
  • Why, when and how Automatic Enrolment will effect your business
  • Who The Pensions Regulator (TPR) are and their objectives
  • What your staging date is
  • When and how you should assess your workforce
  • Reviewing Pension arrangements
  • When and how you need to communicate with your workers
  • The process of automatically enrolling your eligible jobholders
  • The legislation relating to worker postponement and ongoing reviews
  • Opting out, opting in, joining and re-enrolment
  • Your requirements for complying with TPR and record keeping
  • How much you must contribute to your workers pension
Training Bundle:
Stages 1-3 (plus Automatic Enrolment with Pensions Module)
  • Access anytime for 12 months
  • Stage 1: Setting up your Payroll
  • Stage 2: Processing Payroll
  • Stage 3: Statutory payments, holiday schemes & editing reports
  • Understand the Pensions Module settings and the Automatic Enrolment features within the software
  • Specify Qualifying and Pensionable earnings
  • Create and configure different pension schemes
  • Use the Pension Assessment feature to automatically categorise your workforce and assign pensions
  • Send pension correspondence automatically to your workers
  • Process opt-ins, joins and opt-out requests
  • Understand postponement and learn how to apply it within the software
  • Produce the output and input files for Nest, NOW: Pensions and the People's Pension
  • Be familiar with reporting for pension providers
  • Process pensions and carry out on-going assessments automatically
  • Understand records that need to be kept and how the software will assist with this
Stage 1:
Setting up your Payroll

  • Access anytime for 12 weeks
  • Navigate confidently
  • Check the legislation settings in your software
  • Configure your software to suit your company requirements
  • Set-up and amend employee record, payments & deductions, basic Pension Schemes, users & access rights
  • Understand Pay Elements Reports & Company Detail reports
Stage 2:
Processing Payroll

  • Access anytime for 12 weeks
  • Run a basic weekly or monthly payroll, Email appropriate payslips to employees
  • Perform and submit RTI routines including: Full Payment Submission (FPS), National Insurance Number Verification (NVR) & Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • Correct errors during processing using the Rollback and Restore functions
  • Set up new starters and process leavers
  • Complete Period End Routines including producing the P32
  • Process electronic payments to employees and HMRC directly from Sage Payroll
Stage 3:
Statutory payments, holiday schemes & editing reports
  • Access anytime for 12 weeks
  • Process statutory payments including: Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay & Paternity Pay
  • Allocate and process Attachment of Earnings
  • Create and administrate Holiday schemes and employee absence
  • Produce historical reports including payslips
  • Amend payslips and create basic reports in the Report Designer tool
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