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Sage Self-Seal P60 Mailers

Provide employees with P60 Forms by post. Sage Self-Seal P60 Mailers are a seamless way to provide employees with a record of pay and tax contributions in the tax year.

£22 £26.40 inc. VAT

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Please note: these items are currently OUT OF STOCK and will not be available until 23rd April.


Sage P60 Forms

Sage P60 Forms automatically align with Sage payroll software. They are also compatible with non-Sage software so there's no fuss or confusion when it comes to Payroll Year End.

The layout of Sage Self-Seal P60 Mailers is clear and simple, giving employees a concise summary for their records.


  • Updated for latest tax year
  • A4 size paper (210mm x 297mm)
  • Self-sealing security envelope ready to post
  • Available for Laser/Inkjet/Deskjet Printers in packs of 50
  • Perfect if you want to post P60 Forms externally
  • Fully compatible with Sage 50 Payroll


Features & Benefits
  • Designed to work with the electronic submission module
  • HMRC-approved design
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