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Sage Payslip Envelopes

Sage Payslip Envelopes are the only envelopes 100% guaranteed to fit your Sage Payslips perfectly. Designed to show only the employee's name in the envelope window

£24.00 inc VAT

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Sage Payslips with Sage Payslip Envelopes

For a professional, secure and efficient payroll, deliver your Sage Payslips with Sage Payslip Envelopes.

The clear envelope window is positioned to show the employee’s name and no other private information for a confidential, professional payroll.


  • Secure self-sealing to prevent tampering
  • Clear window to show employee's name only
Features & Benefits
  • Designed for all Sage Payslips, folded in half
  • Deliver important information confidentially
  • Dimensions 107mm x 128mm
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