From 31st December 2020, Sage will no longer sell Sage Stationery. For more information, please visit our Digital Stationery hub.

Sage Payslip Plus

Sage Laser Payslips Plus are larger sized payslips (A5) designed to help you process employee payments where additional details are required. The extra space is ideal for additional details such as Tax Credits, Student Loans and multiple payment types.

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Sage Payslip-Plus Envelopes

Sage Laser Payslips Plus record the standard payroll information such as your employees' salaries, bonuses and deductions as well as additional financial information that needs to be correctly recorded. The plus sized payslip can also accommodate a larger font for improved clarity and with two styles to choose from your payslips will be in line with your brand.

Sage Laser Payslip Plus is compatible with all printers and non-Sage Software. Sage Laser Payslip Plus auto-aligns seamlessly with Sage Payroll Software, saving you time and money.


  • Company Information
  • Date and Payroll period
  • Tax and National Insurance Details
  • Employee Details
  • Deductions
  • Gross Pay
  • Net Pay
Features & Benefits
  • Auto-aligns with Sage Payroll
  • Present important information accurately
  • Clear layouts
  • High quality
  • Dimensions 210mm x 300mm
  • Low-carbon footprint from UK sources
  • 100% recyclable
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