Sage Secure Custom Cheques

Sage Secure Custom Cheques use the latest security to make life tough for the fraudster. And with advances in technology, including scanners and digital printing, it's even more important than ever to protect your business from cheque fraud.



  • Batches of 1000 combined cheque & remittance
  • Available for both continuous & laser printers

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  • Watermarked CBS1 security paper - with the all over watermark design, you're ensured of greater security
  • Hologram guard overprint - special micro overprint helps prevent hologram tampering
  • Hologram - One of the best visible deterrents against counterfeiting
  • Heat reactive spot - the spot disappears when heated for instant cheque validation
  • Microtext - makes the cheque very difficult to accurately colour copy or scan
  • Validate number - an invisible UV random number for auditing
  • Micro-numismatic invisible UV - a unique security graphics technique to guard against fraudulent alteration and counterfeiting
  • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) number - protected by UV to highlight number alterations
  • Personalised fugitive - your corporate name and logo to strengthen your brand and act as a visible deterrent to alteration.
  • Aqua security ink - protects against fraudulent alteration. The image bleeds and fluoresces when altered by aqua based agents
  • Solvent security ink - protects against fraudulent alteration. The image bleeds when altered by solvent based agents
  • Corporate Numismatic Fugitive - personalised to your corporate name/logo. Visible deterrent to alteration
  • Laser design fugitive technology - fully PIRA tested and approved for laser toner adhesion
  • Toner secure - advanced toner paper adhesion with anti-alteration protection
  • Secure Remittance - cheques now come with invisible UV design