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Security firm gains better insight with Sage X3

Banham Security - United Kingdom

Banham Security needed a platform to manage multi-site business operations, and connect and communicate with other applications.

Obsolete, siloed systems

Banham Security has been a provider of security products and services to London and the South East of England for over 90 years. With multiple locations using multiple systems, Banham knew it needed to take action to grow. It wanted a system to replace the functionality of legacy software, but consolidated into an agile, robust platform.

[Banham’s] legacy systems were not communicating well together…They didn’t provide the business insight Banham wanted to support and grow the business.

Paolo Arcangelo
Datel Director

Sage X3: a natural move for Banham

Banham partnered with Datel to implement X3. It drew upon its expertise in finance, distribution, manufacturing and warehousing to provide a comprehensive X3 solution for Banham. It’s already providing quantifiable savings and the team has better business insights.

X3 is so very broad. Its depth of functionality and development capabilities mean that whatever the customer requires, we can achieve with X3.

Paolo Arcangelo
Datel Director

Giving customers what they want

Banham is integrating X3 into other applications within the business, such as its website and EPOS solutions. Datel is also writing an app to enable Banham to integrate live data back into X3. The company is excited for the future and customer retention rates are 11 years on average.

Its capabilities mean that whatever the customer requires, we can achieve with Sage X3.

Paolo Arcangelo
Datel Director

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