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Maximising donations with Sage Business Cloud X3

RSPCA - United Kingdom

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals needed a system that would allow its finance team to move from processing transactions to review and analysis.
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Maximising donations with Sage X3

As one of the UK’s largest charities, the RSPCA needs have evolved. Growth led to a disconnect between its systems, processes, and finances. It needed a solution that would empower central teams to tackle animal cruelty and improve animal welfare, while reducing admin costs and maximising donations.

We needed a solution that would enable us to take control of the business and maximise our donations…on animal welfare and not on administration costs.

Helen Tracey
Chief Financial Officer 

A flexible, future-proof financial reporting system

Sage X3 met the RSPCA’s overarching objectives in selecting a new business management system. Management selected the core financial management modules for invoicing, payments and the usual checks and balances. It also implemented two additional modules : Sage X3 Intelligence and eDocument Management.

We wanted a plug-and-play solution, not bespoke—we wanted to configure, not customise…it was pretty clear early on we had found the right solution in Sage X3.

Helen Tracey
Chief Financial Officer 

Efficiencies improved by 20-40%

Thanks to Sage X3, the RSPCA generated fewer invoices and paper. It also reduced the finance teams’ workloads and admin costs. Year-end financial closing is much faster too. The move to the cloud allows the team to work from any device, anywhere. And this solution reduced admin costs and improved overall company efficiency by 20% to 40%.

We estimate we’ve already seen a 20% to 40% increase in efficiency [with Sage X3].

Helen Tracey
Chief Financial Officer

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