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Improving all aspects of HR with Sage People

Spark Networks Services GmbH - Germany

Premium online dating company Spark Networks has stringent requirements for software and services. It’s relied on Sage People since 2017 to automate its people and HR processes.

Saving time through automation

Based in Germany, Spark Networks employs 220 people across 29 countries, making compliance multifaceted and complicated. Prior to implementing Sage People in 2017, many of these processes weren’t automated. Updating employee profiles was tedious and time-consuming for team members.

After managing our data in Excel spreadsheets and rudimentary databases, it soon became clear that we needed a very secure, scalable HR solution.

Fabienne Riener
Director of HR

Simplified administrative processes

Implementing Sage People means that Spark employees now have access to self-serve HR for people needs such as vacation performance measurements. It also automates and syncs the process of onboarding new hires, alerting team management and system admins immediately. This solution has saved the Spark’s HR team invaluable time.

We have instant access to all employee data at any time and reports are now available in a single place. For us, that represents a significant improvement.

Fabienne Riener
Director of HR

Achieving HR objectives

Spark wants to become the world’s leading premium online dating company. Now, the company can focus on growth, using a people and HR system that will scale as it expands. The business feels assured data will remain secure and supported along the way.

We aim to grow and further build our position on the international market. Sage People will continue to support us in HR as we do so.

Fabienne Riener
Director of HR

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