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Sage Foundation signature programmes

Sage Foundation is engaged in a range of development programmes that provide support and funding to over 1000 non-profits.

Sage Foundation brings people together from around the world to help local communities and drive positive change. Sage Foundation unlocks the insight, expertise and passion of its people – empowering employees, customers and partners to solve the greatest challenges facing communities around the world.

Through our signature programmes: With Sage Empowering Women, Sage Inspiring Youth, and Sage Serving Heroes, Sage Foundation’s action philanthropy model seeks to commit time, capability, and investment to supporting charitable programmes for young people, women and military veterans to help us deliver meaningful action in the communities in which we operate.

Sage Empowering Women

Sage Foundation enables women and girls throughout Sage’s communities to become empowered through education, skills development, employment and the creation of economic opportunities. When girls stay in school and finish secondary education, it positively influences both them and their family’s lives.

Together with our charity partners, Sage’s Empowering Women programme helps create a more equal world in which women and girls can achieve their potential, become economically empowered and gain access to skills that ensure they are work ready.

Sage Empowering Women also supports a programme aimed at the prevention of violence against women and girls. Using a free-to-use technology platform along with artificial intelligence, Sage Foundation partnered with AI for Good to develop a chatbot companion called rAInbow, a discreet and easily accessible bot companion aimed at helping women identify and seek support in situations of abuse. The chatbot has over 18,000 users that have had almost 1 million conversations with rAInbow, where women and men seek help from a free-to-use non-judgmental source that is scalable and available to millions of people across the globe.

Sage Inspiring Youth

Sage Foundation seeks to inspire young people between the ages of 14 and 26 to see education as the key to creating a prosperous and fulfilled life. Young people everywhere should have the right to access to education. Across our communities we work with charity partners to ensure as many young people as possible are provided access to skills, education and the tools to teach them life skills such as STEM, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), financial literacy and the support needed to transition successfully into either the workplace or to start their own businesses.

Through Sage Inspiring Youth we have embarked on programmes such as the Peter Jones Enterprise Tycoon programme which helps young people prepare for a future in entrepreneurship. We have also rolled out Sage FutureMakers across five markets, a programme where we teach young people how to use AI to solve social justice challenges in their local communities.

Sage Serving Heroes

Sage Serving Heroes is a global programme to help military veterans transition into meaningful civilian employment, build professional skills, and develop enterprise skills to start their own businesses after service.

Through our capability and product offerings, Sage Foundation is committed to supporting the military community and particularly veteran entrepreneurs. We have developed a product offer of Sage Business Cloud Accounting at a 100% discounted rate for 12-months in UKI, USA, Canada & Australian markets.

In Australia the Soldier On programme has launched a 3-month pilot career mentorship designed to help veterans thrive in their post-service career. The programme forms part of Soldier On’s Pathways programme which provides employment transition and education support to veterans and their families, in collaboration with veteran-supportive organisations.
Sage Serving Heroes seeks to enable veterans and their family members to build confidence in their new role, develop their career and thrive.

In the UK the Veteran Tycoon Enterprise Programme provides the skills, support and confidence needed to generate a business idea, create a business plan and trade the product or service.

The programme is now delivered online through a range of innovative sessions that gives exposure to the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship. 

A number of the programme graduates have already started their own businesses with Alex, from The Coffee Collective being one of them. Alex left the Army due to injuries he received during his military service and was our guest at the Conservative Party Conference, where he had the opportunity to promote his coffee and tell his story.

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