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Support and Funding

Sage Foundation

Let's work together, to do more good

Sage Foundation is committed to funding non-profit organisations so we can work together to help more people reach their true potential.

Support and funding from Sage Foundation

Everyone needs a helping hand to prosper. Our funding supports initiatives that deliver support to our local communities and the people that make them. We know that non-profit organisations need funding now so they can take action—whatever tomorrow brings.

Find out more about how we work, and the funding options we offer, using the links below.

Grants For Change

Sage Foundation's Grants for Change develops partnerships with non-profit organisations that support young people, women and military veterans.

Sage Foundation accepts proposals for our Grants for Change program by invitation only.

NPO Success

We want to support non-profit organisations like we do any other business. That’s why Sage Foundation provides discounted Sage Business Cloud subscriptions to help eligible organisations save time, reduce costs, eliminate errors and achieve compliance.

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