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Today’s digitally-empowered customer is more informed and demanding than ever before. To deliver the experience customers now expect, organisations must become more agile and customer-centric. This means embarking on digital transformation – a journey that involves enterprise-wide changes across people, process and technology.

What are the critical elements your organisation needs to consider when embarking on digital transformation?


How can your company transform?

What is your vision?

What does success look like?

How will you demonstrate success?


How can you access business intelligence data?

Are there intelligence tools you can leverage?

Can you generate this data in real time?


How can you reduce manual work?

How can you work more efficiently?

How can you respond faster than the competition?

What is the ROI of transformation?


Your organisation needs a clear vision of what it’s embarking on. Your strategy should clarify scope (functional, organisational, and geographical), expected costs and benefits, technology, timescales, and any constraints. Carefully monitoring the results of your transformation initiatives will be critical to demonstrating success.


Digital transformation requires developing a company-wide strategy to break down silos and build a more customer-centric organisation. Setting clear KPIs is critical to drive implementation and measure success. But how can you effectively access the data necessary to report on KPIs? Sage Intelligence can extract data from multiple sources to provide real-time financial and operational reports from multiple data sources.


Automation is key to ensuring you can transform your organisation across information, people and processes. Sage X3 helps companies compete and grow in today’s ever-evolving economy by providing a faster, simpler and more flexible business management solution that can reduce costs and scale globally. It can help you achieve:

Faster Supply Chain

Customers now expect ASAP delivery of products, wherever they are in the world. As retail giants aim to meet these increasing customer demands, manufacturing companies must work towards ensuring a faster, more efficient supply chain.

Faster Process Cycle Time

As products come to market faster and with shorter life cycles, distributors must manage inventory with better accuracy. Manufacturers must accelerate process cycle times and gain flexible production capacity to meet faster production schedules and fluctuating demand.

Faster Insights

As customers now spend more time researching and comparing products online, even until the minute before purchase, companies need faster insights, from ever increasing data sources, to react quickly and retain customers.

A better way to manage your entire business, at lower cost and on a global scale:

Sage X3 is changing how midsize enterprises compete and grow by delivering faster, simpler and more flexible business management, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

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Industry-specific solutions from Sage

Do you have specific industry needs? Discover how Sage business management solutions support the following sectors:

For more than 30 years, Sage has provided growing businesses with insight, tools, and the support they need to succeed. Sage solutions can help you improve how you manage finance, people, and payroll—and transform the management of your entire business.

Find out which solution is most appropriate for your business needs.

Sage X3 checklist

Sage X3 delivers complete ERP functionality without the complexity—radically simplifying procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, distribution, customer service, accounting, and Financials.

  • Provides secure, built-in, enterprise-class functionality for multi-company, global accounting and reporting.
  • Supports a wide range of global laws and regulations.
  • Provides real-time analytics and notifications.
  • Offers complete traceability of inventory quantities.

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