Regain agility across your manufacturing business

See how today’s technology trends can help you stay on top of your changing compliance and regulatory requirements.

Manage your processes and operations more effectively—with far less complexity

As a manufacturer, your goals are to drive growth, become more competitive and continuously deliver innovative products while minimizing cost and complexity.

Now you can achieve those goals with affordable, powerful, modern manufacturing software solutions designed to automate the management of inventory, supply chains, customer relationships, intelligence and more.

Today’s manufacturers need simpler and more flexible industry-specific software that:

  • Automates production and manufacturing procedures.
  • Ensures a complete and auditable system of record.
  • Provides greater insight across all of your business processes.
  • Support versatile deployment options (cloud, on-premise, or hosted).

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Learn how to overcome today's top 4 manufacturing challenges.

Eliminate operational pressures

Discover how leading manufacturers are alleviating pressures.

Enhance business management

How does ERP enhance process manufacturing?

Disruptive manufacturing is now a good thing

Discover how disruption can help the manufacturing industry.

Take your manufacturing business to the next level

Every manufacturing business is unique—different processes, tracking systems, and problems. Your business needs a system tailored to your specific needs. Combining simplicity, flexibility, and seamless integration, our solutions provide:

Supply chain visibility

Gain a single view of your business and get real-time insight on inventory, financials, and processes - no matter where you are.

Data-driven demand forecasting

Use predictive analytics to make proactive decisions that optimize order management, inventory management, and production control processes.

Operational efficiency

Accelerate your business processes and workflows to optimize capacity, reduce costs, shorten payment cycles, and improve cash flow.

Greater innovation

Improve collaboration and information-sharing among all stakeholders through easily accessible web portals.

Complete regulatory compliance

Automate compliance requirements with audit trails that document and report all relevant data.

Thorough process management

Streamline your processes to better manage your supply chain, returns and reconcile inventory if you experience a product recall or compliance issue.
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Specific solutions for discrete and process manufacturers

Discrete manufacturing

Improve inventory management, control production costs, and quickly adapt to new regulations.


  • Fabricated metal products
  • High-tech
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Medical devices

Process manufacturing

Manage the constant fluctuation of procurement, production, and shipping while staying on top of compliance requirements.


  • Food and beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals

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For more than 30 years, Sage has provided growing businesses with insight, tools, and the support they need to succeed. Sage solutions can help you improve how you manage finances, people, and payroll—and transform the management of your entire business.

Select which solution is most appropriate for your business needs.

Sage X3 checklist

Sage X3 is a business management solution that delivers complete ERP functionality without the complexity—radically simplifying procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, distribution, customer service, accounting, and financials.

  • Provides secure, built-in, enterprise-class functionality for multi-company, global accounting and reporting.
  • Supports a wide range of global laws and regulations.
  • Provides real-time analytics and notifications.
  • Offers complete traceability of inventory quantities.

For 200+ employees

Sage 300cloud checklist

Sage 300cloud is one of the world's most widely used business management solutions for medium and large sized companies— connecting finance, operations and inventory in multiple languages and currencies anytime, anywhere.

  • Integrates disparate processes across multiple departments.
  • Manages complex finances for multiple companies.
  • Provides mobile access to business and transactional data.
  • Delivers flexible estimating, tracking and project billing.
  • Offers business intelligence and CRM tools for live visibility.

For 50 - 250 employees

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