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Bizimply & Sage Webinar

Bizimply & Sage Webinar 

We have created a webinar to show you the benefits of using Bizimply and Sage Payroll. If your company pay's hourly employee's this webinar will show you how to boost productivity and save time. 

Maximise your processing efficiency by combining the all-in-one scheduling, time tracking, HR and shift management functions of Bizimply with the importing of timesheets, Revenue Online Service (Ros) compliance and customisable analysis of Sage Payroll.

Webinar agenda: 

Overview of Sage Payroll Professional

  • Benefits of Sage Payroll Professional
  • Preparing to work with Bizimply

Overview of Bizimply 

  • Features and benefits of Bizimply 
  • Preparing to work with Sage Payroll Professional


  • Timesheet reports in Bizimply 
  • Importing timesheets to Sage Payroll Professional

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