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Sage Provisioning Technology Privacy Notice

Effective Date: 21 July 2021


Sage Group plc (“Sage”) is committed to the protection and security of your personal data and will only use and access your personal data in accordance with data protection laws and regulations and our global privacy policy which can be found here.

Sage provides the software framework for the Sage Partner Cloud Portal (“Portal”) to enable Sage business partners (“Partners”) to manage their Sage client accounts in one online cloud space; hosted by a secure designated cloud services provider.

Structure – key points

  • The software and tools for product deployment and user management are provided by Sage to create the Portal.
  • The Portal and the data within it are managed by the Partners.
  • The cloud is hosted by a secure designated cloud services provider.

Personal Data

This notice sets out what personal data Sage processes and why in the provision of the software for the Portal.

Partner data

When registering with the Portal, Sage will collect Partner business contact information, including name, business email, phone number and business address, to create a Sage Account. A Sage Account is a unique identifier used as a login, that belongs to the individual registering and enables access to the Portal (and other Sage products). Sage’s enablement and support teams may have access to this personal information to set you up as a user or provide you with Portal support. Sage is a data controller in respect of the information it holds to create a Sage Account.

Some tools in the Portal trigger email notifications sent to users of the Portal to guide them through workflows. Sage may collect analytics information, such as whether an email was opened, as part of its service, but will not use your data for any other purpose. Sage will collect this data by placing a cookie on your device, but only if you consent to it doing so.

Customer data

We do not generally access client or customer data via the Portal, i.e. the data that customers input into the Sage products, managed by the Partners in the Portal. However, a limited number of our operations personnel may have controlled access to customer data for troubleshooting and system maintenance by request. We will not access this data unless asked to do so, in limited circumstances.

Partners are responsible for the privacy, security, configuration and maintenance of the secure designated cloud environments which they develop within the Portal. Partners generally have extensive access to customer data and may access, use, and disclose customer data in the course of setting up customer environments and providing ongoing support or services. Clients or customers should refer to individual Partner privacy policies for necessary information around the processing of client or customer data.