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Sage Payroll pricing

Choose from a range of desktop payroll software for small businesses managing whatever number of employees you are managing.

Sage Payroll

from 1 up to an unlimited number of employees

Sage Payroll
€180 +VAT per year

Desktop software ideal for small to medium-sized Irish businesses, payroll operators, finance professionals and office managers.

  • From 1 up to an unlimited number of employees
  • Desktop software
  • Manage and pay unlimited employees
  • Email Payslips
  • Auto-updates and product enhancements guaranteed
  • Multi-Award winning support included
  • Compliant with the latest PAYE Modernisation legislation
Sage Payroll Professional
€974 (including Essential Cover) +VAT

Sage Payroll Professional is designed for finance professionals, professional payroll technicians and payroll operators.

  • From 1 up to unlimited employees
  • Desktop software
  • Online ROS submissions
  • Pay your employees
  • Email Payslips
  • Inclusive award-winning support
  • Updates and product enhancements guaranteed