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Jump Juice Bars leap to success with Sage 200

Jump Juice Bars - Ireland

Ireland’s top juice bar streamlines data into a single system with Sage to power better decisions and growth

Accurate data required

With the company’s offerings of fresh juices and smoothies going down a storm, new outlets opening each year and increased delivery options through Deliveroo and Just Eat, Jump Juice Bars knew that it needed accurate data to make the best decisions for its business.

Knowledge is power, and if your processes are too manual or too cumbersome, the information they provide is too slow.

Charlie Scanlan

Real time financial data at the click of a button

Sage 200 draws real-time financial information from every point of sale and sends it seamlessly into the company’s finance system, providing 24/7 access to real-time data. This, coupled with its comprehensive management capabilities, instantly provided Jump Juice with a host of benefits.

In today’s world you need accurate, instant information to make the right decisions, and for us that’s where Sage 200 made a real difference.

Charlie Scanlan

Automation, accuracy and analytics driving business growth

The company now saves at least 40 hours a week in manual labour. What’s more, there is far less risk of human error. With the accurate, real-time data from Sage 200, Jump Juice can create strategies for moving into overseas markets, new products and a diversification into the food industry.

With Sage 200, we have all the data we need to make the very best choices for our business.

Charlie Scanlan

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