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Streamlining and centralising HR functions with Sage HR

Kingpin Communications - United Kingdom

Kingpin Communications is a B2B marketing services agency that helps its clients grow through audience intelligence and insight-driven marketing. It uses Sage HR for its HR needs.

Modernising HR functions

Kingpin has close to 50 full-time employees between its UK and US offices, where each department head is in charge of recruiting and on-boarding new hires. Prior to implementing Sage HR, each department used spreadsheets to track and manage the HR process. It knew it had to adapt and modernise its HR processes to a single, centralised application to save time and money, and to find and retain the right people for the business.

We needed a system that would take all of the responsibility and management of the HR data away from the managers, and hold the information we required in one place.

Kathleen Edwards-Williams
Office Manager

A formalised approach

It was clear that Kingpin required an HR software solution to support managers and free up their time. Without an existing HR team, Kingpin needed an adaptable and future-proof solution to formalise its HR processes. With a core set of features that come as standard including HR analytics, an employee database, on-boarding and off-boarding, and custom reports - Sage HR had everything that Kingpin needed.

Sage HR met all our requirements in terms of approval flows. It would also grow with us as a company, meaning we would not need an upgrade down the line.

Samantha Maskell
Finance Manager

Smoother management

Since implementing Sage HR, Kingpin now has a transparent view of its people and easy access to their data. Instead of staff records and key documents stored in multiple files and folders by various department heads, managers can just login to Sage HR to access what they need, when they need it. Now, managers spend less time on admin and can instead focus on growing the business.

Sage HR makes life less complicated and enables smooth management of the company.

Kathleen Edwards-Williams
Office Manager

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