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Enjoy the benefits of a dynamic human resource management system

Empower your workforce and maximise business efficiency with smart, cloud-based HR software.

Quality HR software should function as an all-in-one HR solution

An efficient, well managed and well-structured HR department is vital to the success of your business. Give them the HR software they need to streamline processes, improve efficiency and keep everyone focused and engaged on success.

Show you care with HR software that puts your people first

Your HR manager’s ultimate goal should be to make your business the company of choice for existing staff and any potential new recruits. One that cares about its teams, offers successful staff development, encourages and rewards achievements, and provides clear career progression opportunities. Employee engagement is key to success and a happy workforce is a productive workforce.

Integrated HRM software can help you provide the environment your staff need to thrive. That’s why investing in an intelligent human resource management system is as important as investing in your employees.

HRIS systems for small businesses

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) combine all of your HR and IT requirements in one place. This means your data is centralised and organised effectively, while your processes are streamlined to help you analyse and improve the functions of your HR department with ease.

Your HRIS system is your central location for HR data entry and tracking, giving you the tools to better understand your business and staff needs. Automation is key to improving efficiency, and the right human resources management software can integrate key HR processes, including productivity, leave, absenteeism and payroll.

The benefits of our HR management system

Our world class HR solution is agile, cost-effective and easy to integrate and use. Some key benefits include:

  • Secure and high tech HR software
  • Powerful and accurate payroll solutions
  • Analyse staff performance and other key metrics
  • Access data on the go and give employees mobile access
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Go paperless and replace employment files with e-files

An HR information system to track all your staffing needs

It’s important to know when to recruit, when your business may face a quiet spell, and when it’s time to reduce your staff levels.

Our HR system lets you keep on top of that and more, quickly, easily and effectively. Our automated time and attendance features allow you to gain insight into your employees' working patterns, including:

  • How much overtime employees work
  • How much leave they use
  • Which departments have higher absence rates than normal

Give your staff the HRM system they deserve

Nurture talents, encourage collaboration and maintain an engaged and productive workforce with our HRIS system. Discover our human resource management software and how it can help you boost your bottom line today.

Sage 300 People

HR and Payroll

Integrated HR and payroll for increased productivity, growth and people empowerment

  • Improve productivity through integration
  • Incorporating HR technology into business processes
  • An agile, powerful HR and payroll application
  • Flexible and configurable



"We needed a solution that was compatible with our existing systems, easy to use, and that offered tax flexibility. Sage offered all that and more."

Martie Nel, Regional Finance Controller
Radisson Blu Hotels - South Africa

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