HR and Payroll



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Sage Pastel Partner Payroll

Get basic and advanced Sage Pastel Partner Payroll training in our interactive training courses.

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Sage Business Cloud Payroll & HRIS

Enrol in our Sage Business Cloud Payroll & HRIS courses now to advance your knowledge and improve your skills, and become more efficient in working with our VIP People Payroll & HRIS software.

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Sage Premier Payroll & HRM Training

Sign up for Sage Premier Payroll & HRM training to enhance your knowledge and skills and become more efficient in the application of the Sage Premier Payroll & HRM software.

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MS Excel Training

These comprehensive training courses cover a wide range of accounting software roles within your company’s finance department.

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Sage Enterprise Management HR

Enrol in our Business Partner Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management HR training course today.

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