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Expanded partnership between Maybank and Sage benefits Small & Medium Businesses

Maybank drives SME digital transformation with expanded payment solutions.

16 June 2017

Sage-Maybank Partnership
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Maybank and Sage, today jointly announced the expansion of its partnership with the introduction of Sage One solution. This partnership expansion will be focused on further helping Small & Medium Enterprises in Malaysia drive growth and succeed in a tough competitive landscape.

Under this expanded partnership, which sees Maybank joining the Sage Partner Program, Maybank will provide its Small & Medium Enterprise customers access to Sage One, a cloud based accounting solution. Small & Medium Enterprise customers will be able to access online accounts via smart phone or mobile devices anywhere, and at any time, just like how they access their emails or internet banking. With the subscription-based cloud accounting, customers do not need to purchase costly accounting software, worry about software installations, updates and training, manage data security and data loss as well as prepare for disaster recovery, thus giving them more time to focus on their business.

Moving forward, Sage intends to add more features and functions in Sage One. These include an Interactive Dashboard with graphs and drill down, point-of-sales (POS), inventory management, e-commerce and invoicing to meet customers’ needs.

Commenting on the partnership, Datuk Hamirullah Boorhan, Head of Community Financial Services (CFS) Maybank Malaysia, said “Business technology should be as simple and enjoyable to use as the technology we use in our everyday lives. Our expanded partnership with Sage allows Maybank to offer business owners in Malaysia the solutions needed to succeed, all under one roof. This greatly improves efficiency in businesses’ payment processes and drives changes in payment procedures, in line with Bank Negara’s Financial Sector blueprint.”

As part of Maybank’s drive to deliver value to Small & Medium Enterprises, all Maybank customers who are business owners will be able to enjoy a 90-day free trial, instead of the usual 30-day, for Sage One - a user friendly, simple and secure online accounting tool that is GST-compliant. Designed to help business owners stay on top of their finances by preventing time-consuming errors and enabling easier administration, this tool will allow users better control of their businesses. Sage One is also priced with SMEs in mind, starting from an affordable RM35.

Since the introduction of the Maybank – Sage partnership in 2015, there have been several programmes introduced for the benefit of customers. These include Bulk Payment and Auto Reconciliation for Sage UBS and Sage Payroll solution. These solutions have provided SME customers the convenience of online banking, allowing them to easily create payments, check payment history, and automate bank reconciliation.

Added Datuk Hamirullah, “These innovative and user-friendly digital solutions that fuel SMEs’ efforts to improve productivity, ensure security and leverage user-friendly features are in line with Maybank’s 2020 objective of being a digital bank of choice.”

Robin Chao, Vice-President, Sage Software Asia said, “The successful movement of money is at the heart of every well-managed business. By tapping on technology to integrate key accounting functions of business processes and systems, organisations can reduce manual administration and free up time for more value-add activities. Entrepreneurs and their businesses can achieve higher levels of automation, efficiency and productivity, as well as gain better visibility into business performance by automating these key functions. Sage is proud to work with Maybank to help drive the prosperity of business builders in Malaysia.”

Maybank and Sage also aim to create a vibrant and conducive environment that promotes greater use of electronic payments for products and services, while promoting the national agenda of a highly resilient, high value-added and high income economy.