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3 ways HR personnel can make payroll more accurate and efficient

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Payroll processing is an important aspect of business management. Processes which are too arduous, complex and prone to error place unnecessary burden on HR personnel. It means they run the risk of failing compliance checks and harming the relationship between employer and employee.

An in-house payroll system which is carried out manually is not only time consuming, but also increases the risk of human error due to the large amount of paperwork. It poses an administrative burden on HR employees, who could better utilise their time with such initiatives as staff re-training and development.

On top of all this, HR personnel are also required to keep abreast of the latest government legislation pertaining to HR management. They must ensure their business doesn’t run into any issues during compliance audits and are treating their employees fairly.

So how can HR personnel enhance their current workflow more productively? Here are three techniques that can help HR professionals improve their business functions:

Review the stages of the employee lifecycle

Taking the effort to review the employee lifecycle allows HR to recognise where processes can be improved. By segmenting the employee lifecycle into recruitment, onboarding, payroll, performance, training and offboarding; HR personnel can identify any gaps in workflows.

Streamline payroll processes across platforms

Managing payroll functions separately from other employee management tasks runs the risk of double entry and calculation errors. For example, when making salary adjustments for an employee, HR personnel must ensure the information is correctly captured in both the HR and payroll systems.

This requires much manual data entry and increases the chance of entry mismatch, especially when processing bulk employee increments. Therefore, integrating systems across platforms will allow data to be reconciled in real time. This enables greater consistency and reduces the chances of employees receiving an erroneous paycheck.

Take advantage of technology

When businesses reduce manual processes and move their functions to cloud technologies, HR personnel can easily gain an overview of recruitment and employee data. This helps them spend less time and effort gathering information, and enables better-informed decisions.

For example, cloud HR solutions can help automate the process of recruiting employees, helping HR personnel avoid the manual process of tracking paper resumes and candidate emails.

Increasing HR efficiency doesn’t have to mean acquiring complex and expensive systems. Using an integrated HR and payroll platform that offers self-service tools allows HR personnel to better manage their employees and avoid the pitfalls of manual payroll.

How can cloud payroll software from Sage benefit your business?

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