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ERP Must Evolve to Meet the Business Challenges of Today

Many businesses purchase Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for good reasons – to make business processes automated, across their operations.

In many cases though, it leads to disappointment. According to a 2016 Report on ERP Systems and Enterprise Software, Panorama Consulting Solutions said only 12 % of corporate executives were “very satisfied” with their current ERP solution, and that 59 % of global companies were “burdened” by them.

Businesses need to ask themselves whether their ERP system is :

  • Accessing the data and insights they need to make smart, timely decisions.
  • Collaborating effectively across departments and partners.
  • Monitoring, reporting, and complying with financial regulations.
  • Evolving and growing quickly and confidently.

If not, then huge questions need to be asked. Read our guide to discover the top 4 reasons why it may be time for your business to upgrade its ERP system.

Insights ERP Evovle to meet challenges

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