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More than just an accounting software!

Sage UBS is the ideal accounting solution for small and medium enterprises, with over 500,000 SME users in Malaysia and Singapore. The easy to use software keeps you on top of your cashflow, inventory, payroll, finances and taxes.

Today, Sage UBS has expanded beyond just an accounting software, and now has a range of other functions such as Point of Sale (POS), Payroll and Building Services Maintenance. Rather than maintain separate systems that do not work together, our Sage UBS suite of products are integrated and work seamlessly together.

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Sage UBS Angpow Giveaway Offer!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, purchase any of the following Sage products between 1 January and 13 March 2020 and get your cashback into your bank account. Terms and conditions apply.
Product  Cash back (MYR)*
Sage Payroll 15 79 
Sage Payroll 30 99 
Sage POS 119 
Sage POS (INTL) 129 
Sage UBS Accounting & Billing 169 
 Sage UBS Inventory & Billing 199 
Sage Payroll 60 199 
Sage Payroll 100 219 
Sage UBS Inventory & Billing (INTL) 249 
Sage Payroll 150 259 
Sage UBS Accounting & Billing (INTL)  269 
Sage Payroll Premium 299 
Sage Building Service Maintenance (aka Sage BSM)  399 

3 simple steps to enjoy this promotion:

  • Step 1: Purchase any Sage UBS solution between 1 January and 13 March 2020.
  • Step 2: Download and send the completed promotion form with your banking details and invoice to [email protected] by 16 March 2020
  • Step 3: Receive your cashback in your company bank account by 30 April 2020.

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