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Increase productivity with our time management system

Our HR software for time management helps you track and make the most of your employees time, improving performance.

What is time management?

Good time management is the process of prioritising tasks and working effectively to meet all your deadlines. By organising your day well and dividing your time between different activities, you increase productivity and make it easier to tackle your workload.

If you’re a manager or business leader, employee resource management is essential to your company’s success. Efficient time management helps your team work smarter and achieve more before they clock out.

By introducing employee timesheet software, you gain insights into the overall performance of your workforce and exactly how time is being spent. This can help with better resource planning, estimating project efficiency and identifying staff training needs. By getting a full overview of timeslips, business leaders can also identify labour-intensive processes that need to be streamlined.

Master time management techniques

Before we delve deeper into how our time management systems can boost your business’ performance, let’s start with the basics. Here are some simple techniques that could help your team organise their workload and get more done.

Assess your time

Take all essential daily tasks, and the time you’ll need for them, into consideration when you plan your day. Ensure you have available resource before taking on too many additional tasks.

Set goals

Set specific objectives to help guide you through your day, week or even month. These objectives should include deadlines to help with motivation and delivery.

Create a to-do list

Creating a list of all tasks will help you keep track of deliverables and deadlines. Having everything in front of you also makes it easier to break your work down into more manageable chunks.


Know what to focus on first by identifying your most important and time-sensitive tasks. This helps you make sure that your time isn’t wasted on the wrong project.

Limit distractions

In the modern office, distractions are everywhere. Try to minimise interruptions where possible. For example by using set periods of time to check emails, so you’re not constantly jumping from task to task.

Avoid multitasking

By going back and forth between jobs, you take longer to complete tasks and they may not get your full attention. Try to focus on one piece of work at a time, grouping similar tasks together.


Teamwork helps improve time management. Give your colleagues the opportunity for development by delegating tasks and sharing your workload with them.

Take breaks

Taking regular breaks is proven to increase productivity and concentration. By stepping away from your desk just a few times a day, you can return refreshed and ready to tackle the next task on your to-do list.

Use technology

Implementing time card software can help with lots of things, like monitoring your team’s performance and automating admin tasks. Easily track employee timesheets, attendance and absences to plan workloads effectively.

Sage time management solutions

We help small and medium businesses get full visibility of information, track time and streamline tasks more effectively than ever. Our innovative Sage Easytime software package uses the latest cloud technology, so you always have access to your company’s data no matter where you are.

With our time management solutions, you can make the most of your workforce by easily tracking multiple projects based on important factors such as available resources and fixed-price contracts.

Automated attendance and employee time clock software features give valuable insight into your team's work patterns, including overtime and annual leave. This allows for better planning and people management. Our HR solutions also mean that employees’ timesheets are accurate, so you can process payroll with confidence.

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Sage EasyTime

This attendance system takes employee time management to another level by leveraging on the functionality of the Sage EasyPay Human Resource Management and Payroll software.

  • Various forms of overtime computation for supervisor approval (Normal, Flat rate, Rounding etc).
  • Extracts data from most access reader hardware on the market and convert it into meaningful reports for better management of resources.
  • Automatically calculate working hours, OT, allowances, etc.
  • Robust and user-friendly interface.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Sage EasyPay Leave and Payroll system.
  • Eliminate the hassle and cost of manpower tracking and allocation.
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