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Sage 300 People

For large businesses.

Next generation HR, payroll and ESS in one powerful yet simple solution

Running on a single SQL Server database, our latest generation system offers an integrated payroll, HR and Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution. As the pinnacle of our extensive market experience, it provides a straightforward solution to manage diverse and complex payroll and HR requirements. It is a powerful, turnkey product that ensures legal compliance and delivers exceptional business efficiency and value.

  • Unlimited employees and companies.
  • Unlimited hierarchical levels, pay period configurations and pay runs
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Runs on MS SQL server

Sage 300 People is developed specifically for large companies that need more detailed and complex functionalities. It’s an agile, cost-effective, innovative solution with world-class capabilities.

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Familiar and intuitive user interface

  • The friendly and familiar user interface gives you the ability to customise the working space for each user as they prefer
  • Print or export any grid’s information to PDF, MS Excel and many other formats
  • Use Excel-like freeze column features on grids for easy reference
  • Create personal custom views by reordering, adding or removing grid columns

Security, stability and improved processes

  • Airtight security and rock-solid stability
  • Improvements in processing through constant innovation
  • The design complements existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
  • Builds on the strength of SQL as a unified platform.

Key Features

All the tools you need to drive HR and Payroll in large businesses.

Security, stability and improved processes

Growth is the goal for most businesses but expansion can bring challenges of its own.

Online real-time design

Online, real-time design makes your processing easy to monitor, cutting down on errors and reducing risk. This combination with a period-driven system is unprecedented in the industry, giving you truly state-of-the-art technology.

Smart design means fast, efficient implementation

The pioneering design ensures complete implementation in a fraction of the time it takes to install other systems of this calibre.

Universal calculation engine

You can use this in any design area - from calculating medical aid deductions and printing detailed reports to generating complex job-costing calculations. It's just one example of Sage 300 People's ability to give you cohesive, comprehensive and configurable solutions that break legacy configurations.

Payroll Features

Break the grip of legacy systems

  • Unlimited companies, hierarchical levels, employees, pay period configurations and pay runs make the system boundless.
  • Create unlimited Earning, Deduction, Company Contribution, Fringe Benefit or Provision definitions.
  • Receive all the latest statutory updates regularly to ensure you’re always fully compliant.
  • Do net-up calculations of salaries and wages and net-pay splits between bank accounts.
  • Full history of every period is stored separately and can be recalled at any time.
  • Draw reports for a single company or consolidated reports for multiple companies.
  • Enjoy precise security up to field level and use MS Active Directory for user authentication
  • Every action is recorded for detailed audit reports

HR Features

Manage every stage of the employee life cycle

  • The Sage 300 People HR modules are process-driven and follow a systematic HR approach throughout.
  • The traditional employee file can be replaced with an easy-to-use, always available; electronic file to which you can attach documents.
  • Your employees, managers and users have access to real-time information from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • You have a strong reporting interface that can email copies directly from the application and/or export to various formats, e.g. PDF or Microsoft Excel.
  • Your managers can access employee records, conduct performance reviews and print HR management reports of their employees.

ESS Features

Empower your employees

ESS offers a range of fast, easy-to-use, time-saving functions. It empowers your people to manage many of their own HR processes, freeing up resources that can be used to drive the strategic imperatives of your business.

Your employees can:

  • Apply for leave
  • Manage their claims
  • Manage their own personal details like bank accounts and next-of-kin information
  • View current and previous payslips and tax certificates and print selected reports
  • Complete a performance review
  • Start a free-text workflow

Your line managers are able to manage:

  • Performance reviews
  • Surveys

Workflow processes are built into the system and provides for:

  • Scheduling of tasks
  • Notification of scheduled tasks on the individual’s list
  • Security access to allow certain users to initiate, execute and complete tasks
  • Logging and recording of workflow processes.

Attain power, security and control in one integrated solution now

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