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Time Attendance System in Malaysia & Singapore & Throughout South East Asia

Seamless integration with Sage EasyPay to time your employee effectively.

Sage EasyTime

Sage EasyTime is a valued addition to our successful suite of Sage EasyPay modules. This attendance system takes employee time management to another level by leveraging on the functionality of the Sage EasyPay Human Resource Management and Payroll software.

Its sophisticated software architecture extracts data from any Access reader hardware on the market, and converts it into meaningful reports for better management of resources.

It is a robust and user-friendly interface complements a functional backend that  seamlessly integrates with the Sage EasyPay Leave and Payroll system to bring forth a leading solution for today’s HR practitioners.


  • Various forms of overtime computation for supervisor approval (Normal, Flat rate, Rounding etc)
  • Allowance rates tally to different employees
  • Schedules and assignment of working hours by group with various scheduling patterns


  • Overtime Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Lateness Report
  • Headcount Report
  • Shift Calendar Report

It just makes good sense

Your employees are an essential ingredient of your organization’s success and the most important source of future innovation and growth. Learn the top benefits of a time attendance software and the positive effect automating your time and attendance process can have on your organization.


Why Sage EasyTime Attendance System?

Convenience of a fully integrated HR and Payroll software

  • This attendance management system works with any access control reader that can export data, which churns the reports straight into the Sage EasyPay Leave and Payroll modules for easy processing.

Minimize human errors

  • A time attendance system essentially gives you full visibility on employee resources and allows the data to speak for itself. You no longer have to depend on human memory or time keeping routines to determine the movement of your employees.

Effectively drive productivity

  • A consolidated overview allows you to optimize scheduling for everyday and project driven tasks. This then allows you to track and plan ahead on allocating resources.

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