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Sage UBS
Newer and Better

It's time to start a new chapter with Sage UBS now. Our team of developers have worked tirelessly to create a newer and better Sage UBS with your feedback in mind.

Modern Dashboard : A Fresh New Look

Phase 4: Dashboard Release aims to deliver a better user experience with features designed to better execute and accelerate your business processes through an improved dashboard.


Personalised Dashboard

Create your personalized dashboard view for each UBS user

Expanded Dashboard Screen

Get a bigger picture of how your business is going and view up to 6 reports at a time

Take Control of Your Widgets

Control access to your widgets and customize your dashboard layout and widgets to suit your workstyle

Expand Your Widget Charts

Get more information when you expand your widget charts for a clearer picture

Export to Excel

Effortlessly export to Microsoft Excel to further analyse your data

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Quicker, more accurate reporting

Phase 3: We’ve made accounting simpler – now we are making it easier. Our latest upgrades help you transform complex, critical financial reports into easily understood data through the all-new Report Centre for Accounting, Inventory and Billing.


Report Center

Quickly preview accounting, billing and inventory reports all in one simple interface.

Access Report Menu

Save time to find the report you need with centralised reporting menu.

Improved visibility and organisation

Phase 2: Additions to organisation and improved visibility for customers to enjoy easier monitoring and more accurate reporting. 

Batch Code

Tracking of inventory batches

Quantity Formula

Consistent quantity formulas for easy calculation 

Serial Numbers

Unique serial numbers for each item

Body Remarks

Additional notes or remarks added to sales invoices

Redesigned for simplicity
Engineered for growth

Phase 1: Start a new chapter with Sage UBS with a new modernised design, easier to use layout and a new Direct Pay feature. 

Experience the newer and better Sage UBS

Get a full look at our Sage UBS latest innovations in our on-demand webinar.