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Guru Labels Finds Success With Sage X3

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"Our competitors can take up to a day to get a quote to a customer. We do it in less than a minute."

Nick Lowe, Sales Director, Guru Labels

As its name suggests, Guru Labels is a specialist label printing company. It provides all kinds of self-adhesive labels and stickers plus graphic design, printing and packaging to meet the needs of clients such as sole traders, city councils, franchises and major retail chains.

But more than that, Guru Labels is a company that has harnessed the immediacy of the digital age to build a successful business based on rapid turnaround of jobs, from quotes to printing and delivery.

The push to integrate business systems

In early 2013, Guru Labels signed a deal to deploy Sage X3. The plan was to replace a variety of stand-alone systems with a single, integrated solution that could bring together data from Guru Labels’ manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, finance, CRM and sales systems. This would enable the organisation to improve job scheduling, reduce costs, retain margins and provide rapid responses to quotes that ultimately leads to high customer satisfaction rates.

Nick Lowe, Sales Director at Guru Labels, explains, “We reviewed several vendors who could rapidly customise their software for our specific requirements while at the same time provide a web-based interface to place orders any time from any location. Sage was the ideal solution, capable of doing almost everything we needed it to do.”

Faster quotes equal more business. The deployment of the sales and quoting module enabled Guru Labels to redesign the quotation process and streamline workflow. The redesign has been so successful that customer quotes are now generated in around twenty seconds, down from four-to-five minutes previously which means our response rate has significantly improved.

“It’s very efficient,” Lowe confirms. “Our competitors can take up to a day to get a quote to a customer. We do it in less than a minute. The quotes are more accurate and they contain all the detailed information that a customer may require including attributes such as size, colours, quantity.”

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