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Sage Customer Success Story - Nanjing HongBaoLi

Integrating business processes with an end-to-end enterprise solution

Customer Success Stories

Nanjing Hongbaoli enhances business-wide efficiency with Sage X3.


Nanjing Hongbaoli


Industrial Products



"Sage X3 has helped integrate our business by dramatically increasing the speed and efficiency of processes and communication across our company.”

Shaoxian Fu, Information Manager, Nanjing Hongbaoli

Established in 1987, Nanjing Hongbaoli specialises in the production of premixed polyether polyol, which is used in a variety of industrial products. Its customers include well-known domestic consumer electronics and refrigeration equipment manufacturers. The company also exports products to customers in Africa and South-East Asia.


Nanjing Hongbaoli was looking for an end-to-end enterprise solution that could help the company work more efficiently, integrate processes across the business, and enhance data management. 


To achieve these goals, Nanjing Hongbaoli chose Sage X3 – a faster, more intuitive, and tailorable business management solution that comes at the fraction of the cost of a typical ERP.

Nanjing Hongbaoli Information Manager, Shaoxian Fu, says the company chose Sage X3 because it provides a comprehensive solution that can help enhance efficiency across the entire company. 

“Sage X3 provides us with a highly integrated system that delivers extensive functionality for all our key business functions, covering customer, project, inventory and procurement, supply, production and other management work.” 


Since implementing Sage X3, Shaoxian Fu says that Nanjing Hongbaoli has benefitted greatly from the solution. 

“Sage X3 has helped integrate our business by dramatically increasing  the speed and efficiency of processes and communication across our company. It has become a powerful, strategic tool for the company to enhance its competitiveness.” 

“The special features of Sage X3, coupled with its powerful capabilities, have improved the business management of our company.”

Shaoxian Fu says the implementation of Sage X3, conducted by Sage partner Qifeng, was executed quickly and without complications. 

“The implementation of Sage X3 was praised by our staff from departments across the company. It was performed in a simple and timely manner.” 

The flexibility offered by Sage X3 has allowed Nanjing Hongbaoli to customise the solution to the structure, systems, and needs of the company, says Shaoxian Fu. 

“Sage X3 has a user-friendly interface and provides the customisation to meet the specific needs of our business structure and existing data management systems.”

“Sage X3’s architecture is easy to manage, and our company now has a high degree of control to quickly and easily adapt to business challenges.” 

Having reaped many benefits across the business, Shaoxian enthusiastically recommends Sage X3 to other companies looking for an enterprise solution. 

“I would definitely recommend Sage X3 to other companies. What I like most about Sage X3 is that it helps integrate our business, optimise and accelerate processes, and make decisions quickly. 

“We will definitely consider other Sage solutions in the future.”  

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