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Sage for Education

Real-life accounting experience for the next generation of business builders.

About the program

Sage specialises in developing and marketing off-the-shelf business application software for the Malaysian education sector since year 2003, remains one of the most experienced, longest standing and highly recommended business application software in the market.

The Sage education alliance program supports the business builders of tomorrow by providing educators with recognised business solutions, students with hands-on technology experience, and employers with the confidence of hiring students with proven credentials—all at low cost.

For educators and instructors

Sage UBS education version

Small and medium business solutions for your classroom. Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your software knowledge by completing a certification exam. Our courses put you a step ahead in your career. To date, Sage has issued more than 70,000 certificates and still counting.

Training and certification

Boost your resume with certificates from Sage

We are also actively recruiting for Certified Trainers to the Sage Family. With a Sage Certified Trainer certificate, not only will it boost your resume, you will widen your opportunity to work with Sage affiliates in Malaysia.