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Accounting updates


January 15

Item Bundles:

Bundled Items are associated with particular items that are regularly duplicated on a Customer Invoice. This lets you specify one code on an invoice, and the system loads multiple item lines. Item Bundle Codes speed up invoicing, as you are able to create multiple invoice lines by entering one code only.
January 10

Recurring Journals:

Recurring Journal Entries are associated with repetitive account balance adjustments. They are typically done to record items like accruals, depreciation, amortization, and allocations. You need to define the total amount and schedule for allocating and posting Journals. The schedule used provides logic to determine the execution date at which Journal Entries needs to be repeated.
January 05

Sales Orders & Reserve Stock:

A Sales Order is raised when an initial Quote is approved, and the transaction is underway. The Sales Order specifies the details about products ordered by a specific customer along with the price, quantity and terms and conditions. You can opt to reserve the items contained in a Sales Order to avoid selling this stock to a different Customer.