5 signs your enterprise needs more than just an ERP solution

Your enterprise is seeking to expand operations, but is your enterprise software flexible and scalable enough to support your business from the inside out?

There’s no denying that ERP - or Enterprise Resource Planning solutions - form the vital backbone of any business, but when they lack ease-of-use and scalability, an ERP solution can stunt your company’s growth and endanger its future.

If you & your company feel restricted by your enterprise level software, then it’s time to consider moving away from ERP, adopting a faster, simpler and more flexible option: a business management solution (BMS). A BMS can deliver flexibility, international functionality and security, typically without the complexity and cost of typical enterprise software solutions.

5 tell-tale signs your ERP is limiting your business growth... and how a business management solution can help:

orange  You have high operating costs

You’ve paid thousands, or even millions of pounds to select and implement one or more ERP solutions for your enterprise. But are you still rolling out thousands of pounds every year to maintain it, add licenses, change elements and update it to meet the requirements of your growing business?

Business management solutions are fast and flexible, allowing you to react quickly to changing organisational needs in a way that ERP systems can’t.

With functionality for your future needs built-in from the outset, your costs are reduced as the solution adapts to your enterprise without requiring custom development or months of professional services. All you need to do is activate new functionality and when you need it.

orange_2  Your business procedures are complicated

Do your staff feel overwhelmed by the sheer size, functionality and complexity of your ERP software? Do you have to repeatedly call in experts to educate your employees and help them navigate through basic features like customising their dashboard, or sharing information?

A business management solution is much easier to use than a traditional ERP, running in any web browser – whatever the deployment method. This makes them simple to manage and highly configurable to match your business processes, role and preferences.

A versatile business management solution like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management enables extensive personalisation by users, and can be deployed either as a service in the cloud, partner-hosted or on-premise.

sage-orange-30px-3  Your customer complaints have increased

Are you getting complaints from customers who have ordered something shown as in-stock your website, only for them to find out that it’s not in your warehouse and they have to wait for weeks for their item to arrive?

A common scenario to explain this could be that products are being returned due a fault, but because there is a disconnect between your enterprise management software and your customer service team, your manufacturing units still continue to build the faulty item. A lack of integration between your departments is guaranteed to invite your customers’ wrath.

A business management solution will help you integrate all your processes, while updating your data in real-time for increased employee responsiveness. From purchasing to manufacturing, inventory management, project management, sales, customer service and financials – it handles all functions, accelerates collaboration and reporting, and delivers real-time insight into all costs and operational performance.

sage green 30px 4  Your team needs a more powerful tool for mobile working

Are your sales team unable to update information or access data on their smartphones and tablets because your ERP is not compatible with their mobile devices? Have you resorted to installing multiple ERP solutions to meet every requirement?

Business management solutions aren’t burdened with compatibility issues and provide a complete enterprise management software for your team to use on the go. They can access your business data on any mobile device, check inventory, take customer orders, approve purchases, and view key performance indicators (KPI) on the go.

A business management solution is a single enterprise solution. This means there is a single set of data to access and upload information to, giving complete consistency in processes, improved data on a global scale and the chance to eliminate inefficiencies in every territory.

sage-orange-30px-5  Expanding your global reach & profits feels unachievable

Are you planning international business expansion, or expanding the reach and profits of an already established global business, but feel your ERP solution is not equipped to handle the complexities that expansion brings?

A business management solution eliminates the complexity of expanding a business and fits into your global business strategy, without requiring costly upgrades or module add-ons. The integrated design of a business management solution, such as Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management , will provide your company with all the functions it needs now and in the future with no additional licence charge.

With a multi-country and multi-currency solution, all locations are connected seamlessly with no additional costs enabling you to view a complete, global picture of your company’s finances, sales and purchasing. What’s more, you can manage your business operations from any country, anytime using any portable device.

Choosing an international business management solution will transform the way your company operates. Not only will you gain the freedom to expand to new markets or geographies, you will also gain enterprise-class business management functionality, security and scalability at a fraction of the cost, minus the complexity of typical ERP systems.

A powerful business management solution like Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management can empower your entire organization to become leaner, more efficient and more profitable while maintaining business agility.

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