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Christopher Sim & Co.

Customer Success Stories

"Sage UBS makes billing and accounting easy."

Ling Ping Leong, Manager

Saving time with easy-to-use accounting and payroll software

  • Customer: Christopher Sim & Co.
  • Industry: Accounting
  • Location: Malaysia
  • System: Sage UBS

Established in 1992, Christopher Sim & Co. is an accounting practice based in the city of Miri, Malaysia. The practice’s team of Chartered Accountants are dedicated to delivering exceptional tax, accounting, and audit services to a range of individual and business clients from multiple industries. 

Christopher Sim & Co. places significant emphasis on the value of customer service, with the team dedicated to ensuring they take good care of their clients and listen to their feedback to improve service.

"We believe that if we don't take good care of our clients, someone else will," says Ling Ping Leong, Manager, at Christopher Sim & Co.

The company needed an accounting and payroll solution that could help them more efficiently and effectively deal with changes in government policy, the increasing demands of their clients, and the competition they faced from other firms.

To overcome these challenges, Christopher Sim & Co. chose Sage UBS – an accounting and payroll solution that’s used by over 200,000 customers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Ling Ping Leong says Sage UBS has helped Christopher Sim & Co. simplify their accounting and payroll, to help save time and boost productivity.

“Sage UBS makes billing and accounting easy. It helps us save a lot of time when posting billing in accounting. And it helps our clients stay compliant with statutory payroll requirements.”

“The multi-user functionality of Sage UBS makes it easy to assign tasks to multiple users. It also allows us to set limits on user access.”

“I would recommend Sage UBS to any businesses looking for an easy-to-use and efficient accounting and payroll system. The support we’ve received from Sage and their implementation partner, Pristine Popular, has been fantastic.”