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Become a hero with Sage Payroll software

Pay your people right on time, every time.

Ensure legal compliance with our payroll software

Our payroll software streamlines the payroll process. We make it easy to pay employees on time, create payslips, automate tax calculations, and submit to HMRC online.

Get smart about payroll

It’s never been easier to pay your people on time, every time.

Manage payroll on the go

Gain full access to your payroll information, online and on mobile, so you can pay employees no matter where you are.

Keep track of your payroll runs

Together, payroll and time management mean you can automatically track PTO, overtime, and annual leave, and pay accordingly.

Get expert help

Have a dedicated payroll expert on hand, plus access to the HR compliance centre with live support.

Choose a payroll software that meets your needs

Sage 300 People

A highly trusted solution perfect for enterprise/large companies looking to manage complex functionalities and streamline payroll processes.

  • Secure, stable and efficient payroll processes.
  • Makes life easier for Payroll Professionals.
  • Configured to your business needs - minimise using features  you will never use.
  • Complete control and visibility of position specification and requirements with the Job Management module.
  • Powerful, turnkey software to manage unlimited employees and companies.
  • Empower employees with a self-service tool that's accessible anytime, anywhere.
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