The Future is in the Cloud


Cloud is forcing change in the way the channel business operates.

When compared with on-premise solutions, cloud typically has a much lower upfront cost, quicker implementation cycle and is billed on a subscription basis.

Due to its scalability and flexibility, cloud has become fundamental to digital transformation, and its importance as a delivery platform, is rising exponentially as digital momentum grows. The digital transformation era is accelerating the impact cloud has on channel business models.

Cloud Opportunity Proof Point Highlights:

  • Cloud software spending growth will be 5.5 times that of packaged software in 2017
  • Cloud software market predicted to be $76.1B in 2017
  • 60-70% of software, services and tech spend will be cloud based by 2020
To grow, to remain relevant to customers, and to remain profitable, IT channels (in all their forms) will have to master a number of business model transformations in the cloud and digital transformation era - in effect, to become a partner of the future.
Partner Ecosystem

Several industries have started to merge technology with their IP and become IT providers in their own right.

There are many examples from industries as diverse as financial services, manufacturing, and life sciences, which are developing and selling their own industrialized IT solutions.

Closely linked to the need to specialize is the need to create more structured alliances. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be “all things to all people,” and partnering with other IT companies is one way of developing more holistic solutions. IDC research has also shown that there is a strong correlation between companies that do a lot of partnering and better business performance.

Cloud Profitability

Building a cloud business requires careful planning. Moving too fast can impact cash flow, but not moving at all can impact growth and new business.

However, a successful cloud business can help your business to build more predictable, recurring revenue streams, augment recurring revenue streams from managed services, open doors to new customers, enable you to extract higher revenue per employee, and create a number of upsell opportunities.

Although most channels acknowledge the momentum and growth in cloud, many are concerned about the impact cloud will have on their business — particularly in terms of revenue growth and the impact moving to a recurring revenue model has on cash flow.

To build a profitable, sustainable cloud business, IDC’s research has identified two key strategies for success:

  1. Revenue Replacement Strategies
  2. Optimization

Cloud program assets

To help drive awareness of the impact of cloud and provide guidance on transitioning to a cloud model, Sage and IDC have developed a program of assets:

Video: Introducing the program assets

Embracing cloud for growth

How can Sage partners and the broader partner community benefit from the program assets?

IDC provides highlights from the research through an interview with Alan Laing.

Infobrief: Partner of the future

Digital transformation is accelerating the impact cloud has on channel business models.

Our Infobrief covers the impact, and the changes it demands.

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Infographic: Cloud is at the center of growth

Cloud is at the center of growth in the software market.

What are the opportunities that cloud presents for channel partners?

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Executive brief: Building a Profitable and Sustainable SaaS Business

Partners in the more advanced stages of their cloud maturity show significantly more positive financial metrics in revenue growth and profit markets.

Get excited about the business potential of transitioning to the cloud.

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Assessment tool

Partners can take the IDC Cloud Benchmark assessment which positions their cloud maturity and benchmarks them against their peers.

In addition, Partners will receive personalized and essential guidance on developing their cloud business.

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Partner success guides

A “how to” guide for partners across the three critical areas linked to cloud maturity:

Partner showcase

See how a Partners success is linked to the key areas of Operations, Sales and Marketing.

These best practice videos and connections provide real life examples of Sage Partner’s that have benefited from the evolution to Cloud.