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Sage 300 People Release Notes

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Sage 300 People version Key Highlights

Performance Management Enhancement:

  • Development Plan
    • A new report has been added to the system and Self Service to print the employee’s individual development plan details
  • Performance Management
    • Performance Reviews
    • Performance Contract Results
    • Release Performance Contract Results
    • Remove Performance Contract Results
    • Acknowledge Performance Contract Results

Other Enhancements:

  • Audit Report Changes: any rebuilding of roles will be audited
  • Web Self Service Security User: which will help to create ESS users and reset their password
  • HSBC ifile Bank file Malaysia
    • First Party Account Institution Code is now a user input field
    • Second Party Identifier is now the employee code
    • Remove the Extra comma separator between the Transaction Code and the Second Party Transaction Amount
    • Entry Value Date the format is now YYYYMMDD
  • Other ongoing enhancements and bug fixes

Sage 300 People version Key Highlight:

  • When printing many payslips from Web Self Service the application becomes unresponsive and employees could not view their payslips. This has been corrected.
  • Other ongoing enhancements and bug fixes
  • Self Service enhancements:
    • Download Password Policy: You are now able to enforce a password strength policy for passwords selected by users when they download or email payslips and/or tax certificates from Web Self Service.
    • Skill Extract security: Previously no financial security was applied on the Skills Extract, which meant the extract had to be removed from the navigation pane for users who is not allowed to view financial. From this release if the user does not have access to financials, he will only see 0’s in the restricted columns of the Skills Extract.
    • Tax Monthly Totals: Security will now be applied to the Tax Monthly Total screen. Prior to the release a user that had access to the navigation pane item Tax Monthly Total was able to view all the financial information of all the company rules whether they had access to the company rule or not.
    • Vacant Positions on Workflow Escalations: Previously the workflow engine used the employee record to determine the “Reports To” and not the linked position. This resulted in the workflow to be assigned to a vacant approver when the assigned “Reports To” Position was vacant.
  • Malaysia statutory updates:
    • Malaysia: Update to SOCSO Calculation for Foreign Workers: The SOCSO employer contribution calculation has been updated to apply the fixed contribution amounts as specified by the second category of the Social Security Organisation contribution table.
  • Performance Management enhancements:
    • Bulk Performance Contract Approval: New functionality has been added under the Performance Management module on People Online which enables HR to approve Performance Contracts in bulk on behalf of any outstanding approvers in the process.
    • Copy Performance Contract: New functionality has been added to the Performance Management module on both People Online and Self Service to Copy an existing Performance Contract.
  • Budgeting:
    • Generate Budget Using Historical Values: With new release, it is now possible to generate a budget using historical payroll values as a baseline. You can select single month or a range of historical months as the source for your budget.
    • Using Assumptions for Forecasting: Using the new Assumptions features you are now able to do forecasts directly in the Sage 300 People application. Click on the Assumptions tab and click on the New Assumption button to create an assumption that must applied on your budget.
  • New! The following API’s have been added to the Sage 300 People application: Add & edit employee, Create & cancel leave transactions and Payslip update
  • New! New functionality has been added to the 12 Month History button on the employee’s payslip detail screen.
  • Other ongoing enhancements and bug fixes