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Sage EasyPay Online

Sage EasyPay Online

Asia’s award-winning, IRAS certified fully compliant payroll solution

Making payroll easy and compliant across Singapore and Asia.
Award-winning solution

Market-leading regional payroll software

Fully-hosted, maintained and secured by Sage

Make payroll easy with
Sage EasyPay Online

Payroll management has become more challenging in the current climate, with frequent legislative changes by local governments and restricted people movements that restrict office work. Businesses will have to adapt to the new norm to be able to ensure that their payroll operations flow smoothly while securely providing access to their staff while working from home.

The good news is that we’re here to make payroll management easy for you with Sage EasyPay Online.

Easy choice

As the pioneering payroll software vendor in Asia for over 30 years, Sage EasyPay Online is feature rich and is constantly updated to comply with local legislations. Our local dedicated support team is available to provide fast response to your queries.

Easy compliance

Sage EasyPay Online is not only on the list of supporting payroll software vendors by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, it is also compliant with local legislation in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Brunei.

Easy security

Besides hosting, maintaining and updating Sage EasyPay Online, multiple layers of security are also deployed to ensure that your data is safe. 

Find out more about our comprehensive security approach.

Easy access

With your data securely hosted with Sage, you can access Sage EasyPay Online, from anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection. 

Easy fee

Keeping things simple, Sage EasyPay Online charges you based on your usage as a subscription and relieves the burden of maintaining an internal server just for payroll. 

Read our TCO white paper to find out more on your potential cost savings.

Sage EasyPay Online Total Cost of Payroll whitepaper

Understand the total cost of payroll technology ownership

Discover the benefits and cost savings moving from an on-premise payroll system to a cloud-hosted payroll approach.

About Sage EasyPay Online

Sage EasyPay is an award-winning regional payroll software trusted by over 4,000 companies and 18,000 users across Asia. Sage EasyPay Online – the cloud-hosted version of Sage EasyPay – further enables the secure processing of payroll, anytime and anywhere. 
Sage EasyPay Online brochure

Award-winning payroll software

Sage EasyPay -HumanResources HR Vendors of the Year 2020

Winner of Best Payroll Software at HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2019 and 2020

Compliant with payroll requirements across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Brunei

IRAS approved payroll software. Payroll data approved for e-submission since 2018

Comprehensive IT Security Protection

Payroll data security is paramount. Sage EasyPay Online’s multi layer security protection safeguards your system and data. Upheld to the highest standards, Sage EasyPay Online is fully compliant and certified by international services standards, including ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management, ISO9001 Quality Management System and SSAE 16 SOC2.

Physical Security

Hosted in data centres within Singapore, our disaster recovery sites ensure Sage EasyPay Online is always up and running. Our operations team keeps Sage EasyPay Online fully maintained and upgraded to optimise performance.

Cyber Security

Distributed firewall technologies  protect your data from illegal incoming traffic. Security zones are implemented to isolate and separate data from other customers and restrict network traffic between different customer zones.

User Security

Besides user name and passwords, multi-factor authentication ensures access only to authorized users of Sage EasyPay Online.

Proven Security for Payroll System and Data Protection

Compliant and certified by international service standards - ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management, ISO9001 Quality Management System and SSAE 16 SOC2

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Manage and process payroll securely anytime, anywhere with Sage EasyPay Online. Download our brochure for more information or request a product demonstration.