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Sage ESS

Payroll & HR

A modern and easy to use cloud-based Employee Self Service solution

Simplify and elevate your people experience

Sage ESS is a game-changing employee self-service cloud application that empowers your employees to manage and access their data anytime anywhere. Sage ESS offers a simple and familiar user interface, improving productivity and employee engagement.

It is also integrated seamlessly with Sage EasyPay so that you can manage your payroll in-house conveniently and securely, and is suitable for companies with multiple locations in Singapore.

Key functionality

  • An intuitive user experience with greater workforce mobility
  • Quick access to employee records anytime anywhere
  • Superior Team Management feature that gives you the visibility of people working in multiple teams
  • Automated leave application and workflow approvals
  • Seamless and automatic functionality upgrades
  • Scalability and flexibility to support business growth

Key Benefits

  • Higher level of workforce engagement and productivity
  • Cost efficiencies leading to a more strategic People function
  • Increased usage of manager and employee self-service
  • Improved collaboration and feedback between employees
  • Inexpensive to maintain

Key Features

Sage ESS helps you prioritise your daily People activities by minimising employee requests related to payroll and improve the way you support your employees.

Sage ESS offers effortless self-service capabilities, as well as providing a host of other key benefits for your business.

Real-time dashboard and notifications

With its real-time dashboard and notifications, Sage ESS sends you instant notifications for any leave approvals and gives you quick access to information such as leave entitlements, up-coming leave, members on leave, employee directory and latest pay advices.

HR administrators have the ability to see additional information such as pending approval requests. They have the ability to receive email notifications when any profile changes such as bank accounts, contact details and medical conditions are made.

Remove manual processes with automated leave management

Remove the need for paper-based leave forms and processes with Sage ESS.

From application to approval to processing, leave workflows in Sage ESS make it easy to manage leave. When an employee submits a leave request, an email notification is sent to the manager for them to approve or reject. HR administrators can add exceptions and additional approvers for their employees when they submit an annual leave.

Once leave is approved, leave details are then transferred to Sage EasyPay to be processed even if it is for a future date.

Designed for greater mobility, Sage ESS empowers employees and managers to take actions on the go.

Simplified workflows

The workflow feature in Sage ESS offers a simple wizard-based setup process that eliminates the need to have a “user manual” to add exceptions for leave approvals and profile changes. HR administrators and user-admins have the ability to manage user roles and permissions given to employees. Sage ESS comes with a simple pre-set workflow, which allows managers to approve leave requests by default.

Visibility of teams and employee details

Sage ESS introduces the concept of team management, giving you the visibility of employees working in multiple teams. Managers and higher-level division managers have real-time information on employees’ availability, leave schedules and contact details.

Save time and costs with paperless pay advices and payment summaries

Sage ESS removes the need for printed pay advices and payment summaries delivering cost benefits and increased efficiency to your business.

Payslips and payment summaries are generated in Sage EasyPay and seamlessly transferred to Sage ESS for employees to view and download after each pay, removing the need to print and manually distribute payslips and payment summaries.

Integrated to Sage EasyPay

With Sage ESS, you can free up HR resources to focus their energies and expertise on securing people-based outcomes that deliver the greatest value to the business.

Sage ESS integrates seamlessly with Sage EasyPay and equips you to manage your payroll in-house conveniently and securely. Sage ESS is designed for people, not processes.

Seamless integration with Sage EasyPay

Robust payroll software with intelligent, intuitive and easy to configure solutions perfect for SMEs looking to effectively manage payroll needs.