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22 JUN

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Release 4.1.8

Perpetual Inventory

With the new release, you can now choose to remain on the current Periodic Inventory system or subscribe to the new Perpetual Inventory as an additional module. The Perpetual Inventory is ideal for businesses with huge transactional volumes and frequent inventory updates.

Debtors Manager

The new Debtors Manager module helps you to optimize your accounts receivables and collection process. With a deeper analysis into who owes you cash, how much they owe and by when, you’re better equipped to follow up on payments and ensure that you get paid promptly.

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20 NOV

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Release 4.1.7

Company Transfers

If you’re the company owner, you can transfer your company to someone else. You may need to do this if you’re leaving your organization, or if your client wants to take over the company. The new company owner will become responsible for the monthly subscription payments once they've accepted the transfer request. The new feature will be available in this update.

Malaysia Sales Service Tax (SST)

Malaysia Sales Service Tax (SST) came into effect from 1 September 2018 to replace the existing Goods and Services Tax (GST). Companies that are liable and have registered for SST, will need to start capturing sales tax on transactions and submit to the Sales and Service Tax (SST) Return on a bi-monthly basis to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. This update include all the requirements for SST.

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24 JAN

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Release 4.1.6

Item Bundles

Bundled Items are associated with particular items that are regularly duplicated on a Customer Invoice. It allows you to group multiple items into a single code. When you invoice, you enter the Item Bundle Code and the system adds all items linked to that bundle onto the invoice.

Sales Orders

The Sales Order is an order issued by a business to a customer. A Sales Order is raised when an initial quote is approved, and the transaction is underway. The document specifies the details about products and/or services ordered by a specific customer along with the price, quantity and terms and conditions. Businesses use this as a confirmation document that is sent to the customer before delivery of goods or services and in some instances to reserve the specified stock.

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22 NOV

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Release 4.1.5

New Functionality

Singapore Prescribed Goods

Customer Accounting for certain prescribed goods will be implemented from 1 Jan 2019 to deter fraud schemes where the seller absconds with the GST collected, but businesses further down the supply chain continue to claim the input tax.

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03 JUL


To ensure we assist our clients to manage sensitive or relevant data sufficiently we have created Personal Information Protection in Sage Accounting.
Retention Period needs to be set per Company. Customer and Supplier data can be removed based on this setting or extended period per Customer/Supplier.


Improved Tax Adjustments

A new screen allowing bulk entry of Tax Adjustments as well as review of previously processed Tax Adjustments.


Contact Us Changes

Made UI changes to Contact Us page to help users contacting correct channel for Support, Account Queries and Suggestions.


Other Enhancements

Fixed issue where you were unable to allocate a payment against an additional cost invoice.

Account Transaction Report:
The Forex Gains/Losses - Banks appears incorrectly as a credit on this report.

Default Tax Type:
Incorrectly saved default tax type on Customers/Suppliers/Accounts when “None” selected.

Receipts and Payments:
Bank Account wasn’t disabled when editing Receipt or Payment.

Company Email Address:
Fixed error when company email address had trailing space.

Customer Statement API:
Added PDF Export for Customer Statements through the API.
04 APR

Sage One Report Writer

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