• Ideal for small and midsize businesses.
  • Gives you the flexibility you need for greater control of your financial reporting.
  • Provides real insight into your business with interactive Excel reports.

Key features of Sage Intelligence Reporting for Enterprise Management

Sage Intelligence Financial Reporting for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management is the answer to spreadsheet chaos. You will get the latest information when you want it, presented in the way that makes sense to your business. And, best of all, you get it in Microsoft Excel which means you can control, edit, and analyze and send it far and wide in a program you already know how to use.

Intelligence Reporting offers you four modules depending on your reporting requirements:

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Report Writer

Run existing reports, in real time, when you want them.

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Report Designer

The Report Designer has revolutionized financial reporting! It gives you two drag and drop methods to create and control your financial reports depending on your Excel knowledge and your unique business requirements.

Layout Generator
The Layout Generator (previously the Excel Genie) provides a wizard-type environment for building customized financial reports. The interface is easy to use and automates the design and generation of simple financial report layouts quickly and accurately within Excel.

Task Pane
If you’re quite familiar with Excel, the Task Pane provides you with a 100% Excel reporting experience, but greatly enhances it by providing instant and dynamic access to data within your General Ledger. Starting with a blank canvas you simply drag in data lists, formulas, or Reporting Trees to create a report.

View More Information About the Report Designer.

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Report Manager

The Report Manager license allows you to do everything the Report Viewer does, plus it allows you to edit and customize your standard report templates and save them for future use, create new reports, sort drill-downs and aggregate your data, and automate the distribution of your reports.

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The Connector enables you to access and consolidate information from multiple data sources.

Get Sage Intelligence for Enterprise Management

Sage Intelligence is available for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. To purchase it, get in touch with our Strategic Sales team.