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Challenges for accountant and bookkeeping firms

Accountants and bookkeepers, which challenge can we help you with today?

Introducing Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms

The Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms is a business acumen program for accounting professionals that shares knowledge and best practices from thought leaders and marketing experts to give you guidance, structure, and information required to get your firm performing at its best.

With two 12-month tracks designed to solve critical pain points for accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants, Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms offers:

  • Multiple business topics related to client acquisition, marketing, and practice management
  • Relevant topics that are developed by thought leaders or industry experts and include a white paper, a self-assessment, and exercises
  • Tangible step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your time and maximize your marketing efforts

Each Sage Accountants Network membership includes access to one of the two 12-month curricula outlined below:

Acquiring New Clients for Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm

  • Topic 1: Brand up! Building Brand Meaning in Your Firm
  • Topic 2: Specialization–Finding Your Competitive Niche
  • Topic 3: Differentiation–Separating Yourself from Your Competitors
  • Topic 4: Website Fundamentals
  • Topic 5: Maximizing Your Online Presence
  • Topic 6: Make Your Clients Your Best Marketers
  • Topic 7: Becoming a Thought Leader
  • Topic 8: Your Guide to Email Marketing
  • Topic 9: Measuring Your Website
  • Topic 10: Networking for Growth
  • Topic 11: Increasing Your Online Presence Using Social Media
  • Topic 12: Building an Effective Marketing Plan

Working Smarter, Not Harder, in Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Firm

  • Topic 1: Brand up! Building Brand Meaning in Your Firm
  • Topic 2: Time Management and the Art of Prioritization
  • Topic 3: Customer Selection Criteria–Don’t Pollute Your River
  • Topic 4: Evaluating Your Current Clients–Bad Clients Drive out Good Clients
  • Topic 5: Firing Clients–Make Changes Toward Greater Profitability
  • Topic 6: The Foundations of Value
  • Topic 7: Pricing on Purpose–How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Firm
  • Topic 8: Handling Customer Complaints
  • Topic 9: Measure What Matters to Clients–Using Key Predictive Indicators
  • Topic 10: Trashing the Time Sheet
  • Topic 11: Creating Access Level Agreements
  • Topic 12: After Action Review Process

Accountants identified getting new clients as their biggest business challenge

Get on the path to realizing your business ambitions with Sage 50 Accountant Edition and participating in the Fundamentals of High-Performing Firms.