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Sage Value1 is a game changer for value pricing

Sage Value enables you to move to value-based pricing, have more productive conversations with prospects and clients, and help increase practice profitability.

Establish mutually beneficial relationships with your clients from the start

Sage Value can help you have more productive, mutually beneficial discussions with your clients as your practice moves toward value-based billing.

Develop business proposals that help increase the profitability of your practice

Create standardized service plans for consistency or bespoke bundles to fit client needs. Set prices based on the value you quantify your client will receive and which will deliver an acceptable profit for you.

Monitor the profitability of your proposals to clients over time

Review the cumulative profitability of your  developed and saved proposals . Compare across multiple clients to see which ones are delivering the best return for your practice. Assess how to adapt and evolve your pricing.
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Value-based pricing for accounting professionals

Should accounting professionals change the way they do business?

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1 For accounting professionals only. Access to Sage Value requires a Sage Impact account. To receive and maintain access to Sage Value and Sage Impact, you must be an accountant or bookkeeper providing professional accounting or bookkeeping services for multiple fee-paying clients. If at any time Sage determines that you are no longer eligible, your access will be terminated. Sage Impact is your go-to control center for accounting, financial management, business intelligence, community, and business leads—all in one online hub and available at no cost to accounting professionals. Third-party and additional Sage apps or services may be subject to fees and separate terms and conditions.