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Accounting education webcasts and on-demand courses

Move your practice beyond tax prep and compliance to become the strategic resource your clients need.  Courses available via live webcast and on-demand, anytime.

New technologies. New trends. New client expectations.

You and your practice can keep up to date with what's happening in the industry.  The accounting profession today is dramatically different than it was just a few years ago. Every day the learning curve becomes steeper and harder to climb. That’s why Sage has partnered with the Business Learning Institute to offer Leadership Education for Accounting Professionals.

“In a period of rapid change and increasing complexity, the winners are going to be the people who can learn faster than the rate of change and faster than their competition.”

– Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA, Business Learning Institute


1-2 hour webcasts give you the freedom to participate online. Instructors are always available to answer your questions and best of all, no tests! CPE eligible.

On-demand courses

The ultimate in educational convenience! These self-paced, interactive courses are perfect for the accounting professional who needs just-in-time education at their fingertips. CPE eligible.

Be great and take a learning break with Leadership Education for Accounting Professionals

Get a jump on meeting your annual CPE credit requirement while improving your practice management skills. With hundreds of compelling and convenient LEAP courses to choose from, be sure to register today !

Featured on-demand classes

 Date  Class  Price  Register
 Anytime  Best Practices in Accounting and Finance Writing : Being Clear and Accurate  $89  
 Anytime  Blog 101 : First Steps to Stardom  $89  
 Anytime  Brand You : How to Be a Leader and Boost Your Career—With a Little Help From Social Media  $39  
 Anytime  Business Development : Distinctions Between Marketing and Sales  $39  
 Anytime  Employee Motivation and Engagement : Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy  $105  

The Sage difference

These are not your traditional CPE classes !

Leadership Education for Accounting Professionals will help you :

Improve customer relationships. Add more value to your client relationships by shifting the focus solely from tax and compliance to the insights and guidance your clients are asking for.

  • Stay current - Stay on top of emerging trends for accountants and small businesses.
  • Grow your business - Uncover business growth strategies for your firm and your clients.
  • Get the flexibility you need - Optimize your knowledge and skills in the format you prefer—live or online.

Sage Education Bundles

Sage Education Bundles are designed to assist you with transforming your firm or business. All of the courses in each bundle are available 24/7 on Sage University.

  • Increase efficiency—Get more done in a day by improving your business efficiency.
  • Expand your services—Offer your clients more than tax and compliance. Learn how you can provide practice consultation that strengthens your relationship with your clients.
  • Grow your firm—Acquire and retain more clients. Get the guidance you need to stay ahead of the technology curve, giving you a definitive edge over other accounting professionals.
  • MBA key concepts—These sessions are designed for individuals who want to develop a broad perspective on how to deal more effectively with today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.
  • Enhance your firm—If you’re looking to really understand how to be more efficient, expand your services, and grow your firm, this all-inclusive bundle is made for you.
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Meet our instructors

The profession’s best and brightest are leading courses across North America, in-person and online, equipping you with the tools to become a leader in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Karl Ahlrichs

In a world of specialists, Karl Ahlrichs is first and foremost a human resource consultant and hiring process expert, but also has significant experience in a wide range of business roles.

Sheila Birnbach

For more than 30 years, Sheila Birnbach has followed her passion of helping individuals and organizations become more successful. She founded the consulting firm Birnbach Success Solutions (formerly GB Associates, Inc.). Birnbach Success Solutions works with small and midsize organizations to enable them to attract and retain great employees and offer superior customer service that sets them apart from their competitors.

Greg Conderacci

For more than three decades, Greg Conderacci has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier, more productive, and more rewarding lives.

Bob Dean

Bob Dean, CPA has over 25 years of experience focused on strategy and innovation in learning and talent development. Bob has served as a chief learning officer and a global learning leader for the past decade and now serves as a trusted advisor to clients focused on learning and development and talent management strategy and solutions. Bob combines business experience with a passion for designing, developing, and delivering breakthrough learning and talent management experiences and driving business impact.

Jennifer Elder

Jennifer Elder, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFF, CGMA is a keynote speaker, trainer and business transformation coach. For more than 20 years, she has been helping businesses by peeling back the layers of “administrivia” and finding the hidden strengths and core values that make companies awesome.

Sarah Gershman

Sarah Gershman is an executive speech coach with more than 15 years of teaching and theater experience. Sarah specializes in helping clients who work in data driven fields to clarify their message and cultivate presence.

Hubert Glover

Dr. Hubert D. Glover is an experienced leader and academic with more than 30 years of leading major enterprises including subsidiaries of PricewaterhouseCoopers and a joint venture with Shell Oil, along with launching his own company REDE, Inc., which has won numerous awards for its services to federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Emmanuel Gobillot

Recognized as one of Europe’s most sought after and engaging business speakers, Emmanuel has made a name for himself challenging the most conference-weary audiences.

Bill Sheridan

Bill is a knowledge hunter, content curator, lifelong learner, and the Maryland Association of CPAs’ chief communications officer, editor, and resident social media cheerleader. He is the creator and coauthor of the association’s acclaimed blog, CPA Success. He also writes and produces the MACPA’s podcast, CPA Spotlight, and manages the association’s numerous social networks.

Tom Hood

Tom Hood is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant, featured in the Journal of Accountancy, Accounting Today, and AccountingWeb. He is passionate about three areas : leadership, learning, and technology. These passions are reflected in his numerous recognition and awards which include being named the second most influential leader in the CPA Profession in Accounting Today’s 2013 list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting (his ninth time on the list), being recruited by LinkedIn as one of its Top 150 Influencers, and being named to the Top 25 Influencers in Learning by HR Examiner

Courtney Kirschbaum

Courtney Kirschbaum has spent more than 15 years project managing key initiatives for global business consulting firms and coaching individuals and teams. She has managed projects around the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

Ed Kless

Ed Kless joined Sage in July of 2003 and is currently the senior director of partner development and strategy. He develops and delivers curricula for Sage business partners on the art and practice of small business consulting, including the Sage Consulting Academy, Business Strategy, and Customer Experience Workshops. He also serves as the liaison to the Sage Leadership Association.

Don McDaniel

Don McDaniel is a founder and president and CEO of Sage Growth Partners (SGP), a health care strategy and technology firm specializing in creating value for organizations in the health care industry and related industries.

Jack Park

Jack Park, MBA, CPA, CSP, is a nationally recognized consultant and speaker who is well respected as a developer and presenter of financial and leadership seminars. Jack's Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP) has been granted to fewer than 8 percent of the 3,500 members of the National Speakers Association.

Alan Patterson

Dr. Alan Patterson has guided more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies in rethinking how best to elevate their talent and driving effective organizational change. He has 27 years of international consulting experience in change management, leadership development, and executive coaching.

Ray Perry

As founder and president of Skill Track, Ray Perry is a trusted adviser, speaker and coach in the areas of performance management, leadership development, and strategic planning. Leveraging more than 25 years of unique management insight and experience, he has inspired some of America’s industry-leading organizations to take action and realize the type of lasting change that unlocks greater performance, morale, and retention (PMR).

Gretchen Pisano

Gretchen is the cofounder and CEO of the Coaching Center for Excellence, an executive coaching practice with a global clientele.

Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan is president of a management consulting firm specializing in turnarounds, workouts, crisis management, strategic planning, and working capital management. He has extensive experience working with banks in negotiating forbearance agreements, loan workouts, capital restructuring, vendor negotiations, and bank lending requirements. Frank is a leading expert in lean operations and management and has implemented numerous lean applications for organizations.

Matthew Ryan

Matt Ryan currently works in the audit and assurance division of a Pittsburgh-based public accounting firm, with experience in financial, transportation, and defense/manufacturing company audits. He also has extensive experience in agreed upon procedures testing and previously served as an auditor in support of a Department of Justice investigation into the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, a multi-billion-dollar facility created by British Petroleum (BP) following the Deepwater Horizon incident in April 2010.

Calvin Harris, Jr.

Calvin Harris Jr., CPA has over 20 years of C-suite level experience in working with organizations of various sizes.

All on-demand classes

 Date  Class  Location  Price  Register
 Anytime  Best Practices in Accounting and Finance Writing : Being Clear and Accurate  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Best Practices in Accounting and Finance Writing : Putting Ideas in Order  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Blog 101 : First Steps to Stardom  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Brand You : How to Be a Leader and Boost Your Career—With a Little Help From Social Media  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Business Development : Distinctions Between Marketing and Sales  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Employee Motivation and Engagement : Driving Results Without Driving Your Team Crazy  Online  $105  
 Anytime  Find a Need and Fill It : Your Key to Business Development  Online  $89  
 Anytime  From Technical Expert to Financial Leader : How to Make a Critical Leap in Your Career  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Getting Things Done : Engaging People to Execute Effectively  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Health Care Reform—Current Business Impact  Online  $89  
 Anytime  How the Best Financial Executive Create High Performance Organizations  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Identifying, Developing, and Hanging on to Talent  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Leader vs. Manager vs. Facilitator : When, Why, How ?  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Leadership and Generations : What Are They Thinking ?  Online  $125  
 Anytime  Leadership : Coaching to Develop and Empower—Accountability, Delegation and Dialogue  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Managing Strategic Business Partners  Online  $89  
 Anytime  The Positivity Link to Flourishing  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Theory of Well-being (PERMA)  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Theory of Positivity "The Pleasant Life"  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Positivity Link to Strengths  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Positivity Link to Engagement Within "The Engaged Life"  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Positivity Link to Relationships with Others "The Connected Life"  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Positivity Link to Meaning & Purpose "The Meaningful Life"  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Personality Styles in the Workplace  Online  $105  
 Anytime  Public Speaking : How to Speak with Presence  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Strategic Skills for Finance  Online  $39  
 Anytime  Succession Planning : Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today  Online  $89  
 Anytime  The Business Case for Social Media in an Era of Epic Change  Online  $39  
 Anytime  The Finance and Accounting Organization as Strategist and Partner to the Business  Online  $89  
 Anytime  Transitions to Leadership  Online  $105  
 Anytime  Twitter 101 : Changing Your World 140 Characters at a Time  Online  $39  

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