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Automate procurement with purchase order software

Tired of wasting time with slow, inefficient purchasing processes? A digital purchase order solution will save you time, improve accuracy, and increase profitability.

The benefits of purchase order management software

Purchase order automation means less time managing purchase requests and more time on managing costs and vendor relationships.

Boost efficiency and eliminate errors

Free your team from repetitive and error-prone manual processes. Our digital PO system automatically generates your purchase orders from approved requests, allowing you to quickly and accurately create, track, and manage purchases.

Gain financial control and track spending

Keep budgets and cash movements within their approved limits with purchase order tracking software. Ensure that deliveries match approved spending and are acknowledged on receipt.

Frictionless document storage and retrieval

Centralize documents digitally and view purchase history at any time. Our purchase order system provides instant access to all your purchase order documentation, in a secure, centralized, and filterable location.

Empower smart decisions with instant insights

Customizable, real-time dashboards give you the visibility you need for insights into your purchasing and vendor activity. Our purchase order management software shows you precisely how your procurement relates to your budgets, helping you make the right decisions.

Streamline approvals for seamless operations

Keep your buyers and sellers informed at every stage of the procurement cycle with our purchase order management system. It keeps order workflows up to date so you can electronically notify all parties of order requests, approvals, inventory status, tracking, and deliveries.

The key features of PO software

Say hello to faster, smarter purchasing. Use purchase order solutions to accelerate purchase requisitions, approvals, receipt of goods and services, and vendor payment across multiple locations.

Automated PO creation and processing

Quickly create, track, and manage all your purchase requests with automated workflows.

Customizable purchase orders

Define accounting rules, workflow settings, and other characteristics for purchasing transactions.

Advanced inventory tools

Easily track, value, and manage your stock to minimize costs, improve cash flow, and reduce risk.

Multi-currency support

Handle international orders with automated multi-currency conversions.

Flexible payment options

Get flexible payment options such as credit card, PayPal and other payment gateways.

Explore our purchase order software

Slash your invoice-to-payment time with a purchase order system that eliminates tedious data entry work.
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Elliot Woo

Director of Accounting, GoGuardian

We had outgrown QuickBooks and wanted a robust system that could automatically process contracts as purchase orders are received, bill customers, accept payments, post to the general ledger, do revenue recognition, and produce financial reports. After evaluating Oracle NetSuite as well, we found that Sage Intacct’s user interface was superior, along with being more affordable. We were pleased with the software’s Salesforce integration, quick implementation, and helpful training offerings.


Purchase order software FAQs

Purchase order (PO) software helps businesses automate and manage the process of creating, sending, and tracking purchase orders. A purchase order is a document that is sent by a buyer to a supplier, specifying the goods or services that are being ordered, the quantity, the price, and other relevant details. 

A digital purchase order system streamlines this process by displaying preset templates with fields that can be autofilled, making it faster, more efficient, and more accurate. It also checks for discrepancies between the original order and the invoice sent after approval.

By creating and sending purchase orders electronically, PO software eliminates the need for cumbersome and error-prone paper-based systems. It also allows real-time tracking of orders, which can help businesses manage inventory levels and confirm order status.

Many purchase ordering systems include features such as automated approval workflows, supplier management, reporting and analytics. These features can help businesses streamline the procurement process and improve management of their supply chain.

Purchase order software deals with the procurement process from requisition to payment, automatically routing approval requests to the relevant parties. It generates purchase orders and tracks them against deliveries and invoices, ensuring compliance with organizational policies. The software interacts with accounts payable to pay for the purchased goods or services. And you can generate financial reports related to procurement expenses.

PO software allows you to create templates for each supplier or operation, so each new purchase order automatically features essential information, such as transaction date, payment deadline, purchase amount, vendor details, payment terms and the person requesting the purchase. This greatly speeds up the process of creating and sending each order.

The ideal digital purchase order system is easy to use and customizable, so that companies can tap into the benefits of fast and error-free purchase order processing.

The simplest solution is to purchase as part of your accounting and ERP solution so that it's already integrated to your accounting and inventory management. You may also need easy integration to vendor portals. Look for a solution with prebuilt integrations or open APIs.

The best systems provide prebuilt reports as well as easy-to-create ad-hoc reporting, a centralized, electronic document repository, customizable workflows and electronic approvals.

Ensure the solution complies with relevant regulatory requirements and standards for your industry. If your business is growing, ensure you select a scalable solution.

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